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Elsie Jeanette Oxenham published 87 books and numerous short stories for girls during the first half of last century. Most of them were set in England but a few were set in Wales, Scotland, Switzerland and France. Here are the places in Scotland that we have found so far. We hope you enjoy "visiting" the places you have read about so often.

The locations that appear in RED actually exist. If you would like to know exactly where each is, go to  Multi Media Mapping and enter the name. A map will usually appear on your screen.

Additions and corrections welcome at all times.
At the beginning of Selma at the Abbey we are taken on 2 trips by boat from Glasgow. Here are a views of places along the way. Most of the Scottish books are also set in this area.

scotinv.jpg (14205 bytes)

Left - Inverkip, where Selma's family lived, also featured in Secrets of Vairy. Below - view of the Firth of Clyde from Gourock

scotgour.jpg (5702 bytes)


sc loch long.jpg (18416 bytes)

scotgourock.jpg (3841 bytes)
Above - another view from Gourock

Left - Loch Long, Patch's loch from Secrets of Vairy


s_dunoon.jpg (8042 bytes)s_dunoon2.jpg (8347 bytes)
Dunoon mentioned in several of the books.

s_arrochar.jpg (11807 bytes)
Arrochar at the head of Loch Long -
Secrets of Vairy


sc_knockderry.jpg (7686 bytes)    S_morvenmull.jpg (6329 bytes)
Left - Knockderry Castle (Vairy),  Right - Morven and Mull separated by the Sound of Mull - Holiday Queen.


sc_lochlong2.jpg (4257 bytes) sc_lochlong.jpg (8166 bytes) sc_lochlong3.jpg (4406 bytes)

Three views of Loch Long - Holiday Queen & Secrets of Vairy

s_roth2.jpg (4611 bytes)

s_roth4.jpg (5422 bytes)


Three old postcard views of Rothesay
(from Holiday Queen) as Elsie would
have known it, and a modern aerial photo.

.s_roth1.jpg (6680 bytes)

sc rothesay.jpg (11451 bytes)


sc_cloch.jpg (5785 bytes)
Cloch lighthouse

sc_cylde.jpg (6956 bytes)
The cover of an old guidebook titled "Doon the Watter" Selma pronunciation in print.


xxlong1.jpg (13388 bytes)


xxlong2.jpg (10085 bytes)

Two views of Loch Long and Arrochar

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