“Fuchsia Fanciers, Australia”

Formerly "The In Ground Fuchsia Group"


No Open Fuchsia Garden in 2015 just a big Fuchsia and Geranium sale in September click here for more details.

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Since I started the informal group called “The In Ground Fuchsia Group”  it has attracted enthusiasts and beginners interested in exchanging information and ideas, and visiting gardens where fuchsias are grown. 

There are no fees to join this group.

Many people have contacted me after seeing my garden and/or website to ask questions or give information, and I thought it would be great to share some of the things we are doing. Meetings are held mostly in Blue Mountains, and Northern suburbs of Sydney at present. 

My website and email will link group members in other places and put them in touch with any members near to them. It would be great if small groups all over the country could have meetings and let others know their “in ground” methods and ideas. If you don’t have internet access, material can be exchanged by post.

Now that we have many members who grow fuchsias in pots and baskets we decided to change our name to Fuchsia Fanciers, Australia, We also started a Facebook group at so you can also join us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/394140627308376/  

 If you grow fuchsias in the ground or in pots or would like to try in the future, you are welcome to join.

§  Meetings

Meetings will include talks on fuchsia related subjects, discussion and question times, workshops and a friendly sharing of information and events. Meetings at this stage are on the second weekend of the month, with about 8-9 meetings a year.  For more information contact,

Barbara Cooper

4 Allen St 
Lawson 2783
Ph 47591170,  0405500957
Email bcooper1@pacific.net.au

Click here to Fill in or print off membership form. If you only join the Facebook group you won’t receive the newsletter as I won’t have your email address.

Save the file to your computer, complete, and then email it to me. Or print and post it.

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