Welcome to the Shameless page, I thought it was time that the most famous SWIVAL in the world made it to the internet and had a page all of its own. This page is of course for us ladies to relive that one moment in the show that we all love so much, when we along with Garth become Shameless!

Minneapolis Swivel Has Arrived!!

Garth Brooks Garth Brooks

Garth Animation Garth Animation
You know it should be easy for a man who's strong to say he's sorry or admit when he's wrong I've never lost anything I've ever missed but I've never been in love like this
Its out of my hands


Garth Brooks Garth Brooks

Now comes the fun part, I am hoping to be able to post a variety of Shameless photo's on this page with help from all of you out there. I am looking for any photos taken by fans who have attended any of Garth's concerts either on his current World Tour or a tour he has done in the past, lets see if together we can build the GBSWIVEL page. If you have a picture you would like to contribute please email it to me and I will start posting them.

The Swivel.........

The Swivel Bismark Swivel Chicago Swivel

Chicago Swivel Anaheim Swivel Bismark Swivel

Milwaukee Swivel Cincinnati Swivel Champaign Swivel

Cincinnati Swivel Memphis Swivel Dallas Swivel

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