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29th November 2005

Hey dudes, TLE are back out with a new rockin' single and their new album 'State of Emergency' will be released just after their Big Day Out dates. What brings an update after 6 or so months? I have just uploaded live sets of the Roundhouse gig and Gold Coast Big Day Out '03. It's a bit different to the usual way. Trav the man has got a FTP service going and you can get the details here.

20th April 2005

The Living End have been confirmed for Spendour in the Grass. Other top acts performing over the two days are Queens of the Stone Age, Shihad and After The Fall.

3rd April 2005

The Living End previewed two new songs in the last appearances before recording their new album. Their working titles are 'Long Live the Weekend' and 'Living Underground'. It is rumoured that TLE's manager Rae preferred 'Long Live the Weekend' as the lead single instead of "I Can't Give You..." on the singles collection CD. Glenn has put mp3s of these songs up for download at his 23rd Precinct site.

There is also a rumour that Gretsch will produce a Chris Cheney Signature model guitar in the near future (thanks Mick). Here are the details:
"It looks like it will be a white falcon and will have TV Jones pickups, some type of trestle bracing.. similar to the bracing on the setzer 6120's.

It will be an Australia only release and only 5 will be made.
Chris gets 1 and the other 4 will go on sale throughout the country. Common sence says that since only 5 will be made, expect the price to be more than that of a new standard falcon. I'm guessing $8000 minimum... its way too soon for us to tell. As soon as all the specs get happening, the building will start."

4th March 2005

TLE have a few small festivals lined up for March (check the official site) and then it is into the studio to record their new album. They are booked in to record in June and July and have enlisted Nick Launay to produce it. Nick produced their Roll On album and this should prove happier times this time around as the boys were not the happiest with Mark Trombino at the head for Modern ARTillery.

17th February 2005

Glenn has a new rebranded his TLE Fans website to "23rd Precinct" and is now accessed here. If you like The Living End you will love this site, hes got everything there is to offer.

The Wrights Evie Single is available in stores from Feb 28th. You can vote for it at the Triple J Net 50.

5th February 2005

TLE's set that was broadcast on Triple J has been ripped and is currently available for download here or here (thanks perkyman, Brad and BennyD).

You can also download The Wright's performance of Evie Parts 1-3 from the Wave Aid concert here (thanks BennyD).

I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got came in at number 47 in this years Triple J Hottest 100.

22nd January 2005

It was reported in The Daily Telegraph during the week that Chris will be performing a duet with Superjesus frontwoman Sarah McLeod on his forthcoming solo album.

Triple J will be replaying a TLE concert from The Falls festival in 1997 on LATW on 25th Jan at 8pm (thanks Jeff).

There is a A3 size poster of TLE in this months Blunt magazine (thanks Jessii).

12th January 2005

The supergroup that has performed Evie Part I at the ARIA's and Reach Out to Asia is now known as "The Wrights" (in honour of Stevie Wright). "The Wrights" are Chris Cheney (TLE), Kram (Spiderbait), Davey Lane (You Am I) and Pat Bourke (Dallas Crane). Each part of Evie will have a different vocalist. Already seen on tv has been Nic from Jet. Bernard from Powderfinger will do Part II and Phil from Grinspoon does Part III. All three parts will be released as a single next month and will go to Stevie Wright drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs (thanks BennyD and Arns).

WAVEAID is another concert been perfomed in Sydney to raise money for the tsunami disaster. It is been held at the SCG on Jan 29 and "The Wrights" will performing Evie Parts I, II and III. Other acts on the bill include a comeback gig from Midnight Oil, a rare Silverchair set, Powderfinger, John Butler Trio, Kasey Chambers, Nick Cave, The Waifs, The Finn Brothers, Missy Higgins and Pete Murray.

4th January 2005

Chris Cheney will join members from Jet, Spiderbait and You Am I to perform (probably Evie Part I as done similary for the ARIA's) as part of the The Reach Out To Asia fundraising function at the Sydney Opera House this Saturday (8th Jan). Tickets are sold out though a handful go on sale tomorrow morning. This will be televised on Channel 7, 9 and 10 (thanks Kristen).

Simon has posted two lengthy interviews he has had with TLE here.
Note: you will need to register to view them.

29th December 2004

For those of you that missed TLE on Sunrise a little while ago, their performance will be replayed sometime between 6am and 9am Friday 31th December on Channel 7 (thanks Kristen).

12th December 2004

Sorry things have been pretty slow here lately. Being a bit busy myself juggling two jobs at once. But glad to say that I will now have a bit more spare time and hopefully Drink On will be updated more regulary in the future. So in the absence of a many updates lately I will list a few things that you should check out if you haven't already:

20th October 2004

The Living End have rocked audiences around Australia to rave reviews. For Sydney residents, a great review of their Enmore show is in this weeks Drum Media magazine. They also appear on the cover of Blunt magazine and there's also an article in Kerrang.

28th September 2004

From Here On In - The Singles CD and Double CD should be on the shelves of all good retailers in Australia. However, the DVD has been a bit later arriving to music stores and should be available in the next few days.

The Living End have a new online store up and running now. New merch from their current tour is up along with their whole back catlogue and a bunch of rarities whihc won't last long. Check it out here.

TLE perform an acoustic six song set next Thursday at Bourke St Melbourne HMV

For those of you who missed it or are overseas fans, Sam has ripped TLE's performance on rove[live] and it is available for download here (23.8MB).

Lots of TLE articles in the press lately. Check these out: db Magazine, SMH, SMH 2, TimeOff, Guardian Messenger and Brag (thanks to all those that posted these on the TLE board).

20th September 2004

As noted a few days ago there was speculation that The Living End were going to record a duet with Jimmy Barnes. Well they recorded the song last week and it is called 'Resurrection Shuffle'.

Apparently the performance on Sunrise is not happening now (the boys probably don't want an early morning and wanna party hard after their show on Friday night).

Scott appears in a quick interview at BombshellZine here. MUSE have been getting a few spins in his stereo and I must say, what a great choice.

14th September 2004

There's no rest for those Living End boys. They have now been confirmed to perform on rove[live] on Tuesday 21st September. They will perform a medley of Roll On, Prisoner of Society and I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got. It will be interesting to see how this comes out. Tune in and get those VCR's ready to record!

Reckon you know The Living End back to front? Test your knowledge with this quiz. Prizes for the most correct answers.

13th September 2004

As reported earlier, The Living End will be appearing live at Channel V at Fox Studios, Sydney. However the date I posted earlier is actually wrong. They will be appearing on Friday the 24th of September at 4pm. This is also the same date as their first gig at the Enmore so if you are game for a double dose of Living End action you can head over to Fox Studios or alternately tune into Channel V where it will be broadcast live Australian wide. The whole show of 'What You Want' will be dedicated to The Living End. They are doing more than just the usual three songs too!

If that's not enough for you, The Living End will also be performing two songs at Martin Place Plaza for Channel 7's Sunrise program earlier that morning (Friday the 24th) with the first song at 7:40am and the second song at 8:50am (thanks Arns).

While also appearing on Channel V, Tom from Blink 182 was quoted as saying "...The Living End should be the most famous band in the world, because they are the most talented" before requesting TLE's new video 'I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got' (thanks Kim).

There is a great new interview with Andy available here (thanks seether_girl).

9th September 2004

It has been reported that Jimmy Barnes and The Living End have already or will record a song for Jimmy's new album Duets (thanks Nigel).

6th September 2004

The 'Super Gig' (which doesn't appear that super) that appears on the DVD has the following songs:

Roll On
Save The Day
One Said To The Other
Prisoner Of Society
West End Riot
Pictures In The Mirror
All Torn Down
Carry Me Home
What Would You Do?
E-boogie (Live)
Second Solution

The doco is now called 'In The End'. The DVD and Best Of CD can now be pre-ordered from Sanity (thanks Brad).

3rd September 2004

TLE are featured in a story about street teams next Thursday at 10pm on the ABC's show Mondo Thingo (thanks Matty D).

Are you a Melbourne resident? If so, Punk Hardcore Australia are running a comp to win a prize pack consisting of 1 signed Living End Poster, 1 signed CD, 1 tee and 1 ticket to see them live at Melbourne. You can enter here.

2nd September 2004

TLE appear in RAVE magazine, a Brisbane Street Press magazine this week. Kylie has kindly typed the whole article out here for you to look out. Chris mentions that they have already written the majority of their next album's material. He mentions it should be released early next year, but personally, I would be surprised if it was ready early next year, maybe a bit later in the year.

TLE will be appearing on Channel V on Wednesday 29th September for an interview and live performance.

27th August 2004

My prediction was right and 'I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got' will be on RAGE tonight at 11:46pm. It will also be replayed around 10:45am Saturday morning.

25th August 2004

The video clip for 'I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got' is available at the following page or ypu can just download it from this source. Strong chance of it appearing on RAGE either this friday or the following friday.

23rd August 2004

'I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got' is released to radio stations today, so give your local station a buzz and request it. There is a short sample of the song on The Living End's homepage. Though not official at this stage, it is rumoured that it will be released as a single to be bought from stores from the 17th of September (thanks Kev).

21th August 2004

The Living End will have new merch available at their shows on their 'From Here On In' tour. They will have 5 new shirt designs, a new jacket design, caps and wait for it... a TLE stubbie holder!!!

I have finally got around to fixing the Roundhouse concert that was giving some people problems. I have also made available the files as 160kbs quality. All mp3's are now hosted on a new server and should be much quicker and reliable.

18th August 2004

The 'From Here On In' CD will not come packaged with a bonus DVD. It will come with a bonus CD with some covers on it titled "Under the Covers". There will be a DVD package also called 'From Here On In' released which will have 2 DVD's in it. Both packages will be released on Sept 27th. Some points about the release of the CD and DVD:

  • "I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got' was the song they shot a video clip for and Scott refers to it as a 'stomping rocker'.
  • The second new song is called "Bringin' it all Back Home" and Scott refers to this as a "mellowish kinda tune".
  • The DVD will be exported in Region One format to the US.
  • The Living End have stated that this release wasn't an attempt to 'cash in', rather a way to 'take the pressure off' in releasing a new album straight away and something for the fans to get into in the mean time.
  • And for a little bit of controversy, the straps on the suitcase conveniently cover the face of ex-drummer Trav on the cover of a few of their singles.

The details are as follows:

"From Here On In - The Singles 1997-2004" CD Bonus CD "Under the Covers"
1. I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got (NEW)
2. Prisoner of Society (single version)
3. Roll On
4. West End Riot
5. Second Solution (single version)
6. Bringin' it all Back Home (NEW)
7. All Torn Down
8. Pictures in the Mirror
9. From Here on in
10. Save the Day
11. Who's Gonna Save Us?
12. One Said to the Other
13. Dirty Man
14. Tabloid Magazine
1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. Tainted Love (live)
3. I Get a Kick Out of You
4. Rip it Up
5. 10:15 Saturday Night
6. Prisoner on the Inside

From Here On In DVD Disk 1 From Here On In DVD Disk 2
2 Hour + Documentary including interviews with Chris, Scott & Andy. Sourced from over 100 hours of tape and featuring exclusive footage from all over the world Super Gig featuring live songs from Summer Sonic (Japan), Big Day Out, Splendour in the Grass - includes Roll On, Save the Day, Prisoner of Society, Blinded, Carry Me Home, E Boogie and more

All the officially released videos including US versions of Prisoner of Society, Roll On, Who's Gonna Save Us?

15th August 2004

One of the songs that will appear on the new singles album is called "I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got". There's also a big chance that this may be the song that they recorded a video clip for as well. They played this song in their set at Brissie's EKKA. Andrew has posted some great pics up from the show, they are as follows [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]. The full set (roughly) thanks to Nick is as follows:

Pictures In The Mirror
Roll On
Hold up
Carry Me Home
Prisoner Of Society
Tabloid Magazine
Who's Gonna Save Us?
I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got
All Torn Down
West End Riot
Dirty Man

Save The Day
End Of The World
Second Solution

TLE feature in a DVD released called "Rock Your Rights". They talk about a range of issues such as Drugs, War, Bands, etc. You can buy it for US $7 (free postage) here or you can download a snippet here.

TLE have sold out their Enmore Show in Sydney but have announced a 2nd show on the Sunday the 26th September. TLE have actually advertised that tickets will be available from Thursday August 19th, but have announced that secretly the tickets will be able to be purchased from Wednesday. This was only done via their email mailing list but I'm sure if you are someone that has bothered to check this page out you must be a keen fan of theirs.

More dates have been announced including ROCK-IT in Perth alongside Jet, Jebediah and 28 Days. Darwin has been given a show, along with Brisbane. Please note, neither of the shows in Melbourne are All Ages. ID will be checked at both Over 18's and Under 18's. Here are the dates:


2nd August 2004

I have uploaded a live video of TLE performing End of the World on the Channel V tour at the start of the year here (6.2 MB).

According to Bombshellzine, "From Here On In" will be released on Sept 27th and will be a CD/DVD combo. Woody from the TLE camp has this to describe the DVD:

a) all the videos
b) a super gig (a bunch of live songs from different gigs)
c) photo gallery
d) documentary / interviews

They've been working on it for AGES and didn't want to release a boring record company/make money style dvd. They wanted to ensure it was quality - the documentary is gleemed from over 100 hours of footage shot all over the world from 1997-2004

27th July 2004

The supports for the tour have now been announced. Main support for the whole tour is Dallas Crane. In The Grey is the second support for Sydney and Melbourne Unders. British India it the second support for Melbourne Overs and The Hot Lies is the Adelaide second support.

The cover for the new singles selection is displayed on the right. Only a small image but it appears it is the covers of the singles patched over a suitcase. The Living End finished recording the 2 new songs for the album Sunday night at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne. Andy has written a new diary entry which can be found here.

Tickets for the tour go on sale on Thursday!

13th July 2004

The dates are up for the Aussie tour. Only a small tour with a show each in most capital cities except TLE's hometown Melbourne getting a double. More info at the official site.

16th June 2004

There's a rumour that The Living End may be dropped from their record label Reprise in the US due to Warner cutbacks across the world. Apparently Reprise have done very little promotion for Modern ARTillery. More info here and here.

14th June 2004

TLE are releasing a DVD!!! Titled "From Here On In" it will feature all the video clips, TV footage, a 'rockumentary' and personal photo galleries. It should be released late September in Australia only at this stage and will be supported by a national Australian tour in late Sept and early Oct. A CD will also be released titled "From Here On In - The Singles (1997-2004)" and will also include a couple of new songs (I'm guessing possibly "Live it Up" is one of the songs as they haven't released this in Australia as yet and maybe even "Into the Red" though they may have some even newer songs...). More details in July.

The Jack Awards ceremony will be telecast on Channel V on Sunday June 20 at 8:30pm. Chris and Scott accept their awards via video (Thanks Kristen).

Media articles should now be working now.

10th June 2004

The Living End have won 2 awards at the Jack Awards. Chris Cheney was voted best Lead Guitarist and Scott Owen was voted best Bassist. For the full list of winners check out the list here.

26th May 2004

Chris has posted a new diary entry up on the official site here. He said they spent a couple of days in a Chicago studio recording new songs for CD's that will be released later in the year. The first song they recorded was "Mighty Mouse" for a cartoon themes CD and the other song they recorded was "Gilligan's Island" for a TV themes CD.

PunkRockVids have put up a video of TLE appearance on the Kilborn Late Late Show performing 'Who's Gonna Save Us?'. Download it from this link (35.5 MB).

Prisoner of Society and All Torn Down have also been uploaded to an alternate download site for those with troubles.

Welcome to the new domain for Drink On. I have changed ISP's and thus have new webspace. However, I haven't had a chance to upload the media articles as yet. I may also design a new site so I will not upload the media articles till I decide what I am going to do.

12th May 2004

Chris was a guest at a recent Jet gig in Melbourne. Triple J and Rage replayed this concert, unfortunately I was unable to put a warning out in time as my computer was down. He played guitar in their final song, an Elvis Presley cover 'That's Alright Mama'.

The Living End appear in a massive article in this months Australian Rolling Stone magazine. The article is about the Aussie Invasion Tour which also featured Jet and The Vines. Lots of little useless info like the craziness of The Vines frontman and the horny little Jet drummer. It's a good read so check it out.

21st April 2004

'End of the World' appears to be the next single that may be released in Australia. It has been distributed to radio stations and has been played by a number of stations. However, there has been no official word to if the song will be released as single with video clip. It may be a similar release to 'Carry Me Home' where it is only a radio single and cannot be purchased in shops.

'Tabloid Magazine' is the first single to be released in the UK. That now means that the Living End's 3 major target regions have been given different first singles: 'One Said to the Other' in Australia, 'Who's Gonna Save Us?' in America and now 'Tabloid Magazine' in the UK. The Living End have been confirmed for only one show in the UK at London's Astoria. This sounds a bit weird, travelling halfway around the world for only one show. Maybe more shows will be announced in the future.

The Living End have been ripping it up in the US as support for The Vines and Jet winning many new fans as a result of their energetic live shows. Old mate Mike from Green Day even left a message on their website urging all music lovers to catch them in action if they can (thanks Zombie!!).

To all those that have had problems downloading tracks 8, 9 and 10 of the Roundhouse Concert, I have set up alternate links for these songs on the Downloads page. Please be patient though, as there have been numerous requests for these files. The alternate site also has download limits and will go very quick. Once the limit has been reached, you will be unable to download till the next month.

29th March 2004

The Living End completed a session of "Punk Eye For The Geek Guy" for a Philadelphia radio station. They took a listener away for a day and tried their best to transform them. For more details and the results go here (thanks steff uhh knee).

Chris and Andy have put some diary entries from their tour in the USA up at the official site right here.

A transcript is available to view here thanks to PixieDust from a US online chat with Scott.

Glenn has made some more cool wallpapers, check them out at TLEfans.

20th February 2004

The Living End have scored a great deal and have been added as supports for a Blink 182 / No Doubt tour in the US in June.

At the moment TLE are probably having a couple of weeks rest before they hit off to the US and Japan for months of touring. Their next show is March 3rd in the US.

9th February 2004

TLE have been making a huge impact on Triple J's Net 50. On Saturday, there were 5 songs in the top 15 (#1 - Tabloid Magazine, #2 End of the World, #7 Hold Up, #9 Who's Gonna Save Us? and #14 Short Notice). Who's Gonna Save Us? also appears as #27 though this may be a mistake. So to keep The Living End up there go and vote for the songs here.

TLE have signed a long-term deal with Universal Music Publishing to those that know what that means...

TLE will be making a few short shows as part of the Channel V Bus tour in North QLD. Dates here.

29th January 2004

The Living End are doing a few of their own shows in the US with Jackson (Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters, Gimme Gimmes and formerly NUFAN) and this will be followed by a longer set of shows dubbed the "Aussie Invasion" where The Living End will be supporting The Vines and Jet. Tour Dates

'Who's Gonna Save Us?' came in at number 23 and Tabloid Magazine at 66 in Triple J's Hot 100 for 2003! There's now a good chance of 'Who's Gonna Save Us?' appearing on the CD.

Don't forgot Tabloid Magazine comes out on Monday. As is often the case, many shops will not stock the CD straight away so an alternate is to order online from Sanity, HMV or Soundworld.

There is a new viewer available that includes 'Who's Gonna Save Us?' clip and other cuts and features. If you would like to join the TLE eTeam please go here.

Modern ARTillery is available to be purchased online before its release date in America at the following sites: iTunes, Napster and MusicMatch.

15th January 2004

Taloid Magazine's cover art is here.

9th January 2004

The Tabloid Magazine video clip will debut on Rage tonight at 11:48pm and will be shown again tomorrow morning at 11:05am and Sunday morning at 5:30am (thanks Benny D).

B-sides for the Tabloid Magazine single have been confirmed as No Reaction (demo), All Torn Down (Live at LIVID), Who's Gonna Save Us (Acoustic) and What Would You Do? (acoustic).

Modern ARTillery has a March the 2nd release date in the US.

16th December 2003

The Living End appeared as part of Triple J's Live at the Wireless last night. However this set which was taped at the Sydney LIVID should be replayed at 5pm on Sunday.

The next single Tabloid Magazine has been confirmed to be released on Febuary 2nd.

Modern ARTillery will be released in the USA in Febuary 2004 and TLE will tour in March and April. This will be followed by a tour of Japan in May.

The second Who's Gonna Save Us? video clip has been released and has already appeared on music stations in Australia.

The Roundhouse live MP3's have been having a bit of troubles lately. I'm sorry for this and can't confirm when and if it will be fixed.

24th November 2003

If you happened to miss the TLE on the J-Files, you can listen to it in RealAudio at the following site (thanks Kristen).

TLE came in at number 1 (Who's Gonna Save Us?) and number 2 (Tabloid Magazine) on the Net 50 on Saturday. To keep the songs up there go and vote for them here. While you are there, put hate votes in for other songs high in the charts (thanks Which Doctor).

21st November 2003

TLE set or part of it from LIVID will be appearing on Channel V on Tuesday 25th November at 9pm. This may also be repeated at 11am on Wednesday (Thanks Dan).

Glenn has set up a TLE fan-site directory/community. For more info head over to tlefans.com.

19th November 2003

TLE's next single has been confirmed as Tabloid Magazine and the video clip was shot whilst on tour in Sydney.

Sydney folk should celebrate as a new show has been announced at the Metro Theatre on Tue Dec 16.

TLE and Kasey Chambers may do an album together as a side-project. It has been reported in two articles now. Cheney hinted it in Rolling Stone and it was also hinted in the Sun Herald on the weekend. TLE played one song on Kasey Chambers's last album and 'So What' has a bit of a country influence.

TLE appear in this months Kerrang and Rolling Stone magazines.

TLE appear on the J Files on Triple J at 5pm this Sat 22/11. This is a documentary of the band and may contain anything from songs, interviews and live performance clips from LIVID. Overseas people can listen to Triple J via the Internet here (thanks Kristen).

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