Network O & X


Network O & X is a basic application that allows you to play O & X over a network as its name states.  I developed this application just to get a better understanding of networks and how java can be used over network.  This is not a terribly exciting game, its really only a test but since I developed it I may as well place it on my website.  I am thinking of developing a more complex network game something like Shithead (a card game).

Above is a screenshot of the game, a 1 player mode is available. 


1. First one of the players must choose "2 Player Server" this will create a thread that listens for connections

2. The other player chooses "2 Player Client" a popup box will request the name of the other computer

3. Play the game

To play more than 1 game you do need to reconnect.

Download Here

Source Code:

These 2 files aren't mine I just used the for a popup box &

Note: This program unlike the others I have developed is a Application rather than a Applet so it wont run over your web browser.