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This is a network version of the card game Shithead. This game can be played solo (against the computer) or multiplayer (over LAN or Internet). The style of the game is based on MS Hearts and similar functionality has been included. This game is developed in Java so it should work on all platforms. However, you will need to download a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) from Sun.

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The file that you will download is a JAR file; this is a Java Executable File. To run this file you will need to have a virtual machine installed on your computer. Sadly due to various issues between Sun and Microsoft, windows does not come with a virtual machine. You will need to download a virtual machine from Sun. This program will run on all systems with JVMís.

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This program can be run over a network and it is possible to play over the Internet. To play over a network, one player must opt to be the server, then once a server has been established all other players must connect to the server as clients. For network mutilplayer games clients need only enter the computer name of the server, however for Internet usage the full IP of the server is needed. In version 1.12 a users Internet IP is give under "Internet IP"


1.0 Beta Release
1.01 Correction: 4 of a Kind End of Game Bug
1.1 Official Release
1.11 Correction: Appearance of Game on Macs
1.12 Output Internet IP

Open Source

I develop this program to extend my Java skills and to implement something that to the best of my knowledge had not been done before. I spend a good few months of my life working on this project and have implemented most of the functionality that I had foreseen in my initial plans. However, Shithead is a very adaptable game and many different versions of the game exist. I have received several emails requesting source code or changes to the program. I myself feel I have spent enough time on this project and its time to move onto other work (such as uni). Thus I am making the source code available to all who are brave enough to attempt to improve this program!!

Important Note:

I will be the first to admit that the code is not in the best form and large aspect of the program need to be re-architectured, however I do not have time to do this myself but if someone else wants to do it great. I only have a few requests listed below.

1. Any new versions of the program I would like to remain open source
2. Improved versions are emailed to me so that can be added to my site for Shithead player that donít have the time or skill to implement changes themselves
3. I'm still given some form of credit for the programs creation (even if only as a footnote)

Download Source Code


Please feel free to e-mail me with any comments or queries cavenaghweb@hotmail.com

Shithead 2

Recently ive been thinking of making another version of shithead. What i envision is a version of shithead where the user can set the rules themselves. I also propose to separation between the game logic and interface so the program can easily be run as a application, applet and maybe even a midlet. The other thing i would like is to have a central server when users can connect to play games with other users online. Im looking for java developers that are want to be part of this project. Beginner programmers are welcome but you will need to have some skill. If you are interested please contact please email me cavenaghweb@hotmail.com
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