The Basic Rules


Aim of the Game: Get rid of all your cards


Your Hand: A hand in Shithead is made up of 3 different parts

1.      The cards in your hand

2.      The cards on the table facing up

3.      The cards on the table facing down

You must play the different parts in order. 

For example you can’t play part 3 till part 1 and 2 are all played

Only you can see the cards in your hand, everyone can see the cards facing up on the table and no one (no even you) can see the cards facing down (you have to guess).



Game Basic: If there are no cards in play you can play any card at all, however if there are cards in play you must play equal value or higher value than the card on top. For example: if the top card in play is a 6, you can play a 6, 7 or any card higher than or equal to a 6, however you couldn’t play a 4 or a 5.

If you don’t have any cards you can play you must pick up all the cards in play.  If you have less than 3 cards and there are still cards in the deck (card that weren’t dealt at start of game) you must collect a card from the deck.



Special Cards: Below are listed cards in Shithead that have special value.

2:This card can be played at anytime and resets the pile

 (i.e. next player can  play any card)

            10:This card can be played at anytime and BURNS the pile



Burning the Pile: When the pile is burn all cards that are currently in play are removed from the game and the player who burnt the pile gets to play again. 

The pile can be burnt 2 ways:

1.      Playing a 10

2.      The top 4 cards have the same value.



Special Rules:  There are a few special rules that I have come across.  These rules are optional.

1.      You can swap cards that are in your hand and facing up on the table before the game starts

2.      Fast Game – no cards in deck at start of the game

3.       When the top card is a 7 you must play lower than it (can’t play a 7 on a seven)  for example: you can play a 6

4.      Nine is invisible (i.e. nine can be played at any time and player who plays next must play as if nine is not there)


Shithead as a Computer Program:


  1. Player after you face up and face down cards
  2. Details of player after you. “Cards” is the number of cards in players hand
  3. Cards in your hands
  4. Message Box.  Messages from the game and from other players will appear here
  5. Your face up and face down cards
  6. Pile or cards in play
  7. How many cards are in the deck and how many cards are in the pile (in play)