<H2>t720 WorldClock</H2>

This is a simple midlet i have developed to improve my understanding of J2ME. This midlet basically allows you to view local time as well as 2 other timezone.

This midlet has been specifically designed to operate on a Motorola T720. There is no reason why it wont run on another phone but it has been design for a T720 screen.

This applet is unable to determine what time zone its running in so its very important that the first time you run it you set it to the correct time zone. This can be done by selecting "Local Time Settings" from the main menu then selecting "TimeZone". I couldn't really be bothered to put in alot of cities and corresponding time zones so I've just put GMT times. The easiest way to find your GMT time is to click on the clock at the bottom right corner of your screen, hit the tab "Timezone" and if you computer is correctly setup it will tell you the timezone you are in
You can change the names of the cities. An important thing to note is that the * key is used to delete.
Dailylight saving has to be set manually and can be done by select the corresponding city then "Daylight Savings" and using the green key to switch between modes

You can download the files directly to your computer from below or you can download the application directly to your phone by go to http://wap41.com/o_sam_o/WorldClock.jad