A solver program for Sokoban and Pocoman

Updated: 5 March 2006

Sokoban is a very challenging solitaire logic game. There are thousands of Sokoban puzzles available on many web sites. Pocoman is Sokoban by another name and can be downloaded from Sleepless Software. Pocoman is the version of the game that I've played the most, hence the name of this solver program.

PocoSolv is a Windows console program that solves Sokoban and Pocoman puzzles in the minimum pushes possible. How long it takes to solve a given puzzle depends on the puzzle. Some puzzles that many people find difficult can be solved by PocoSolv in seconds or minutes, but others can take much longer.

Of course, solver programs for logic puzzles defeat the purpose of the puzzles, but some people can get stuck on certain puzzles sometimes and want the solution. PocoSolv may also be useful to those composing puzzles.

Download: PocoSolv_1_0d.zip (288 kb)
Update summary: Updates.txt

Sleepless Software
Sokoban++ (provides plugins for PocoSolv and other solvers)









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