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Help Wanted Page
We are always working on projects to record, research and publish historical information relating to Baptist life and witness in Queensland. In the nature of the case, there are often mysteries which we are unable to solve with available records and other sources.

Help Wanted No 5

What was the exact location of the first Baptist Mission in Lakes Creek Rockhampton. It used the dining hall of the meatworks, but where was it located? (ca  1890-)

Often people 'out there' have the information we need either in their memory or in some of their records.

Help Wanted No 6

What was the exact location of the Baptist building erected to service the Crocodile Creek gold rush? Was it in Bouldercombe?  exactly where? (ca 1866)

So on this page we list some of our queries and invite you to respond with the information if you can help.  

Help Wanted No 7

Where was the Baptist Sunday School held at Frenchville or Frenchman's Creek? (ca 1903)


This set of questions relates to our current project on Central Queensland Project (click here for more information)


Please write to us at

Help Wanted No 8

Where was the land acquired by the Baptists in the Parkhurst area? (ca 1918)


  Any ideas about the people, places and dates in these pictures?

(scanned 35mm colour slides from the Archives collection)

Help Wanted No 9

In Oct 1892 the Brisbane Courier reported fire destroyed the Temperance Hall in Roma which was used for Baptist church services. We need more information about the hall and the services.


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