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DrJon's Links

General Links of People, Place, Things and Things to do, with a focus on stunny Brisbane, Australia. More than anything, this list is for my own benefit.
The Buttons on this page are my own creations. Feel free and use them.
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Local People (aka friends)

Non-friends (aka fiends, no offense to the fiend) are lucky I don't link them up with the reasons why they deserve composting...

Troy Baker home.pacific.net.au/~hellboy/
Impro Star and Tortured Genius.

Dan Beeston www.lilleystreet.com/
Dan's Webcomic Tales of the Doings at a Certain Address...

Amaya Booker www.whatever.net.au/~amaya/
The Eternal Newbie...

MrJ www.geocities.com/Area51/Labyrinth/7798/
Modern Movement indeed...

Brad Daniels smople.thehub.com.au/~brad/
Now where did he go?

Sandra the Amazing Davis www.uq.net.au/~zzsadavi/
Good to have such attractive competition.

Des the Desirable www.powerup.com.au/~dembrey/
and his lovely wife. And their lovely dragons...

Blake Edgerton www.fanattic.com.au/
Actually his Store WebSite. Blake himself is a mutant gecko in disguise.

the fiend home.pacific.net.au/~turner23/content.html
Bad fiend. Naughty fiend. Wicked fiend. Lucky fiend. See his HubCam for glorious joy, or read his irritating webstory.

Heretic members.tripod.com/~cheshrkat/
Hey! Stop that!

Eddie Matejowsky come.to/eddieworld
Hairy Wonder (as opposed to the other kind...), Photographer and All-Round Nice Guy.

Graeme McCowie members.optushome.com.au/graeme/
Find the Thingies...

Peter Murphy home.pacific.net.au/~fiatlux/
Talented guitarist, good friend and general nice guy.

Andrew Pollock www.bit.net.au/~apollock
Cool Dude & BitNet God.

The Real Raistlin therealraistlin.gq.nu
Well, his name really is Raistlin...

Colin Smith www.tals.dis.qut.edu.au/staff/colin/Default.htm
& his Dancing Bear.

Wendy the Wanton Wenchy Witch of West End www.gothic.net.au/~wendy/
Honourary Musical Melbonian Brisvegan.

Tobias Ware go.to/deosil
The 'Mazing Mayan Mystic :)

Fakie Wilde home.pacific.net.au/~freek/
F-word Poetry Systems


Cool Places

Ape-o-naut www.ape-o-naut.org/
Information on the early spaceflight pioneers. Oook!

BookFinder www.bookfinder.com
Metasearch engine which queries many booksellers at once.

Don't Click There www.hat.net/abs/noclick/?absbtnCHard
Trust me. Don't.

Gothic-Rose www.gothic-rose.com/
Lovely Goth Resource, by a Lovely Resourceful Goth.

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The Great Ape Project
Fighting for basic legal rights for the non-human primates of the planet.

History of the Daleks members.iinet.net.au/~althomp/mutant/chrono1.htm

h2g2now.gif (8385 bytes)
The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy
Indexing the Galaxy.

The Hunger Site www.thehungersite.com
Click to Donate Food to the Hungry

Les documents interdits (Forbidden Files) www.planet-express.com/di/
Home of a most remarkable set of french film clips, recently shown on SBS's eatcarpet.

lspacenow.gif (7006 bytes)
Home of Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Memepool www.memepool.com
If it's new and cool, it's here. My first stop on the Information Stupidhighway

Metafilter www.metafilter.com
My second stop on the Information Stupidhighway...

Neatherthal Homesite www.neanderthal.de/e_thal/fs_1.htm

noamazon.com www.noamazon.com
Alternatives to the ubiquitous & patent-grabbing Amazon.com.

The Pre-Raphælite Women preraphaelite.ulsnet.org/
The URL used to be:
reverse.the.polarity.to.avoid.the.strange.quantum.paradox.net.au/helen/ : Wow!

Police Box History members.tripod.co.uk/~rassilon/policebox/
Hey! Police Boxes are Cool!

recycled culture www.detritus.net/
What can you say?

®™ark rtmark.com/
Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century

tym.gif (4749 bytes)
Tim the Yowie Man
Look out for the Yowie...

3D Daleks www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~mimrie/dalek/daleka.htm
Kill the Doc-tor!

Thwart Not the Librarian! www.librarianavengers.com/library.html
Librarians Rool OooK!


Local Band Sites

Blue Grassy Knoll www.bluegrassyknoll.com/
Frequent visitors from Melbourne.

Not the Twain, the Two.

George home.pacific.net.au/~george.hub/
Taste some Talent...

Miles from Nowhere www.milesfromnowhere.com/
The Pub Band from Heaven

Mythica / Urban Myth www.ozemail.com.au/~mythica/
New Songs! We want New Songs! ;})>

Never the Twain home.pacific.net.au/~bellamy/
Ah, lovely... no actual content, but lovely all the same...

Tulipan www.tulipan.com.au/
Mmmm... yummy...

Tycho Brahe tycho.gil.com.au/
No hardnoses here...

4ZZZ www.4zzzfm.org.au/
Community Broadcaster where you can hear many of the above


Magazines Online

Bizarre Magazine www.bizarremag.com/
Excellence in English Yobbo Fodder

Boing Boing boingboing.net

Fortean Times www.forteantimes.com/
The original weird shit society

Implosion! www.implosion-mag.com
Alternate Living

Spike www.spikemag.com/

Strange Magazine www.strangemag.com
Odd in America


Cool Comics

Comics Australia www.www.comicsaustralia.com
If you want to know anything about a local comic book, this is where you go.

Eddie Campbell's Baccus Homepage www.eddiecampbellcomics.com/
Way too long since we've shared a pint...

Lilley Street www.lilleystreet.com
The only double listing on this page, this is Dan Beeston's Webcomic Tales of a Certain Address

Official Platinum Grit Site www.platinumgrit.com
up and running!

And some Fan Sites:
Platinum Grit Bitch Patrol
Jeremy's Affections www.jitterbug.com/grit/

OzComics www.ozcomics.com
Australian Comics Nexus

Raw Meat
This doesn't belong here. This doesn't belong anywhere.

Strangehaven Home www.millidge.com/
A wonderful place for a holiday

StripSearch Comics www.geocities.com/stripsearchcomics/
Home of the Brisbane Comics Thingy Thingy Group

Tales of the Beanworld Beanweb www.proaxis.com/~half/BeanWeb/
Excellent. See also
The Beanworld Accessory List public.surfree.com/lwalker/beanworld.html


Discordian Sites

ernow_sm.gif (2902 bytes)

23.org www.23.org/
Site of Sites

23 Apples of Eris   www.castlechaos.com/discord/index.html
Good site. Down boy.

Caberet Discordia users.ev1.net/~darkfox/

A Discordian Coloring Book www.dreamspell.net/LKS/eris-frame.html
Now with extra Blue!

Discordian Links Page links.discordia.org.uk/
a part of
A Cabal of the Pathetic www.discordia.org.uk/

Eriswerks www.eriswerks.org/
My favorite Discordian Disorganisation

ErisX Web Consortium www.erisx.com/

Fisherqueen99 fisherqueen.psychonaut.nu/

FNORD www.fnord.org/
Do you see them?

FnordX Principia Discordia Library www.angelfire.com/bc/xy/indexa.html
It can't bite you...

Kerry Thornley Homepage www.sondralondon.com/xnew/thornley/thornley.html
Discordian Co-founder: at least, that's what they want you to believe...

POEE.ORG online archive www.poee.org/
Plumb the depths

Robert Anton Wilson www.rawilson.com
Godfather of Discordianism

Syndicate 23 www.netexpress.net/~syn23/
No, I don't know why this is here, either...

twentythree.co.uk www.twentythree.co.uk/
Not Discordian, just Chaotic...


Humour Sites

Unaustralian johnmartin.actweb.net/news.html
Read the Unaustralian today...

I-Mockery.com www.i-mockery.com
Bad boys...

The Onion www.theonion.com/
It burns your eyes...

Rocket www.zipworld.com.au/~rocket/
Aussie Satire


HTML Resources

Amateur Web Sites - the Top Ten Signs   javascriptweenie.com/columns/abc_mistakes.html
Watch for them.

Bobby www.cast.org/
Make sure your site is accessible

Google www.google.com/advanced_search.html
Well, I've linked them back up again, but godnose they don't need it these days... waddaya mean you don't Google? Are you mad? How can you use the 'net and not use Google?

How to build Lame Websites javascriptweenie.com/columns/perpend1.html

jalfrezi.gif (6417 bytes)
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
A lovely reference site for HTML.

The Under Construction is Evil Page www.cs.utah.edu/~gk/atwork/
Read and weep...

The WayBack Machine web.archive.org
Something you know the URL to gone and 404'd? Try this...

Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer www.delorie.com/web/wpbcv.html
Check your HTML.

and, finally,

The Last Page of the Internet! albatros.physics.utoronto.ca/~nvats/lastpage.html
I think this is the real one... I'm reasonably sure it's the genuine one... well, it's certainly the best one. So there.