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Can we email you?

You can try this email: drjon @ (remove the spaces before use). It's through one of those free (and sometimes unreliable) outfits, so keep in mind that if I don't reply to you and your email was something that I might reasonably be expected to reply to, you might try emailing again. Or, if you have a suspicion I might have regarded your email as spam, you might try reassessing your idea of "reasonable".

Can you email me Phil & Bob every day?

No, not at present. However, if you email me, I'll put your name on a list for when I do start emailing the strip out.

Is "Phil & Bob" available for syndication?

Syndication Packages are available on application. Please email me at drjon @ (remove the spaces before use) stating your rep status.

I really loved that strip you did about [ whatever ]. Can I use it / print it / exploit it?

"Phil & Bob" is copyright. If you want to use it, you have to get my permission. Email me. If you don't get my permission, you can't use it. Sorry. Remember, though, that if it's for a non-commercial use, there's a damned fine chance I'll say yes. Best to ask.

How come I can't find that strip I read a month ago?

My server space is somewhat limited. I'll usually only keep about a month of Phil & Bob online. Maybe when I crack the big syndication/book deal...

For the current status, please see the next question.

How often do you update Phil & Bob?

Theoretically, every day except Sundays. I've usually got at least two to three weeks of finished strips done ahead of publication "date", so most days I just upload a straight update. Some days I'm delayed, but that'll usually be a Saturday. I usually update anytime between 21:00 and 03:00 GMT. That's morning here in the Land of Oz.

Unfortunately, I'm going to be offline with no computer for at least a month, perhaps longer (July-ish 2002). Phil & Bob will be back at some stage soonish. Email me and I'll let you know when we're back in production.

The URL for Phil & Bob is long. Can't you shorten it?

Actually, I am looking for hosting for Phil & Bob that's better than a three-down directory. But I'm also pretty broke at present. If you own a server or domain and you'd like to host Phil & Bob, please email me ( see top of page ).

READ PHIL & BOB !Can I link to Phil & Bob?

Of course you can link to Phil & Bob. Here's some HTML code for you to use:

<A HREF="">READ PHIL &amp; BOB !</A>

You're welcome to use the link button displayed ( provided you copy it to your own server - right-click on the button provided and select "Save Picture ( or Image ) As..." ). If you have a different requirement for colour schemes or suchforth, email me ( see top of page ) and I'll whip something up for you.

Here's some code for you to use with the link button:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="link.gif" ALT="READ PHIL &amp; BOB !" BORDER="0" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="40"></A> 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?


Why not?

I'm shy.

Oh, go on. We won't laugh or anything.

My homepage is here. My business site is here. You can read postings of mine at most of the message boards linked here. I'm a fairly open person, and will usually answer most reasonable questions.

What's the story here, anyway?

Phil & Bob have been sitting around in the park chewing the fat since about 1990. Phil's the one with no feathers, and Bob's the one with no hair.

During 2001, I decided that they needed to get out more, out of my head and onto the 'net. Which was a good thing, in so much as I needed the space in my head, and the 'net didn't. This fact has been commented on by quite a few people I know on the 'net, but they didn't say it like that.

Last year I finally had some time to myself to try and realise a few projects which had been stirring around for a while. Phil & Bob kept short-sheeting my bed until I got the hint. Enjoy.

Have Phil & Bob been published before?

I drew a 'zine with Phil & Bob, around 1990, which has never seen print. For good reason. Phil's subconscious tried to take over the world, and had to be put down ruthlessly. Which was a shame, as Ruth has always been pretty good with a chainsaw. She was sorely missed. I also experimented with some "newspaper"-style strips. One particularly bad one involving Godot leaps to mind. Best not to think about it. You'll thank me in the morning.

Not having a scanner at the time, my initial attempts around 1993 to transfer them to electronic media were not graceful, either. It took another few years for Grace and her scanner to finally appear, but now they're here we can breathe easy. Except for those with Emphysema. ( Come on guys, In! Hold it! Out! Rest! )

Some of the strips presented here have made their way into local ( BrisVegas, Oz ) 'zines. I may put examples of the early Phil & Bob online sometime.

I have a question about Phil & Bob which isn't answered here.

I have an email address at the top of the page which you're welcome to use.

What do Phil & Bob do for a living?

Phil & Bob are allegedly writers.

Where's the park Phil & Bob sit around in?

They like their privacy, and quite frankly it's none of your goddamn business.

Hey, buddy, I'm only asking!  Don't bite my head off!

Okay. Sorry.

Why do Phil & Bob look like Gary Larson characters?

Hey! Don't get me angry, ya little punk!

Just where were you November 22nd, 1963?

I'm calling my lawyer and the police. Get out of my house now. 


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