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The Schwa Desktop ThemePack

You'll need to have some form of theme wrangling programme, like Microsoft Plus! or a shareware programme like FreeTheme. You'll also need some sort of clue as to how to set it up....

Unzip the contents of the zip into a new directory with the path C:\Program Files\PLUS!\THEMES\Schwa\ and move the file called Schwa.theme up into the PLUS!\THEMES directory. Then start your theme programme and select 'Schwa'.

The ThemePack also contains extra icons, so feel free to experiment.

Please note that I've not tested this pack with Windows XP.

One thing this ThemePack doesn't include, by the way, is that special Schwa ScreenSaver, the Schwa Screen Cleanser. It's available at the PlaguePuppy site, if you want a copy.

Download Schwa Desktop ThemePack Beta V0.1 for the following Screen Resolutions:

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