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This is a list of our favourite Nicolette Larson sites...




 The Official Nicolette Larson Site   

This site contains: A short biography; A track from the 1994 "Sleep Baby Sleep album; Information about the February 1998 memorial concerts; A page  about the UCLA Children's Hospital and the "Nicolette Larson Endowment"; Tributes from musical friends - Graham Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and others; There is also a Guest Page where you can post a message.



In The Nick of Time   

This site contains: An Album and Single Discography; Rare photos; The 1980 Japanese Tour program; A catalogue of other musical collaborations.



Other Interesting Links



My Celebrity Photographs - Nicolette Larson   

This site contains a huge portfolio of celebrity photographs by Ron Newcomer. The link above takes you directly to the Nicolette Larson database - from there you can link back to the main index page.


bulletStarPhotographer - The Nicolette Larson Page   

StarPhotographer provided 3 wonderful photographs for our Rare Pics page. The site has many more rare photographs of Nicolette that you can preview and purchase - please respect their copyright.


bulletTrading Sites: The following links are to a few sites where you can obtain copies of some of Nicolette's rarer recordings including some great live shows. We have successfully traded with all of these sites, so we can highly recommend them - they are all Honest Traders and the recordings we obtained are very good quality:-

Rick's Trading Page

Godfrey Smart's Trading Page

Trading Footnote: We have noticed that trading with these sites can at times be suspended.


bulletAuctions:  [ ebay ] The following are direct links to the Nicolette Larson auction listings in Australia and the USA. You will often find collectables like photographs, magazine articles and rare recordings. This appears to be about the only regular source for obtaining copies of Nicolette's rarer works, namely the MCA releases "Say When" and "Rose of my Heart". We have also seen, on the odd occasion, the extremely rare "Shadows of Love". If you are not too fussy and just want to get copies of any of Nicolette's music regardless of the media, then you will often be able to obtain her recordings on vinyl or tape. We have purchased many fine "Mint & Still Factory Sealed" copies of her albums via these sites:

Nicolette Larson on ebay - USA

Nicolette Larson on ebay - Australia


bulletNicolette's music is available at CD Universe. Her first four albums have just been re-released on CD ("Nicolette", "Nick of Time", "Radioland" and "All Dressed Up").

Nicolette Larson at CD Universe


Rare Recording are available at Rhino Records and Rhino Homemade.

Live At The Roxy ~ At Rhino Homemade

A Tribute To Nicolette Larson ~ At Rhino Records



Youtube ~ For the latest selection of videos.

YouTube - Nicolette Larson