Ffiona Morgan is one of the mothers of the current Goddess movement. She has been teaching, holding seasonal rituals, and lecturing on the Goddess for over twenty years. Her experience as a ritualist, crystal expert, tarot reader, astrologer, teacher, and author makes her a knowledgeable leader and a credit to the Goddess community.


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When we embark on the study of tarot, it is thrilling to find that we can never know all there is to be learned. When we delve deeper into studying this fascinating oracle, we still find new and exciting revelations. Working with the cards is a life-long study, and soon becomes a way of life for all that seek the spiritual secrets of the universe. On this journey we find, not a straight and narrow path, but an exciting journey of surprising twists and turns, to be approached with love and anticipation.

Tarot is an incredible guide for our life journey; full of ancient symbols and magic, and it contains all the life secrets for personal development. The first card in Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck is The Dreamer, traditionally known as The Fool. The Fool steps close to the abyss, not knowing, yet trusting, just as we do when we embark on a journey into ourselves. The following cards reveal the major Arcana tarot mysteries. Each card in the Spirit suit (air, earth, water and fire being the other four) represents one of life's major lessons, hence its traditional name, The Major Arcana

For more information on MYSTERIES OF THE TAROT, we invite you to read Ffiona Morgan's Daughters of the Moon Tarot Book, and feast your eyes on the Companion deck. This deck is described by many of our customers as the most insightful, beautiful and colorful tarot they have ever seen. Most of them say they would not even consider using another deck after reading with ours.