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* LME49810 Audio Power Amplifier Driver with Baker Clamp
Drive a 500 Watt into 8 Ohms output stage from one chip!
* Oceana A100 Audio Power Amplifier
100W of Class A solid state nirvana with fully regulated power supplies.
* LM4702 Audio Power Amplifier Driver
Dual op-amp with 144 Volt P-P output.
* Oceana A60 Audio Power Amplifier
60W of Class A solid state in a more manageable package.
* LM4780 Audio Power Amplifier
Stereo 60 Watts into 8 Ohms on a single chip!
* Oceana A25 Audio Power Amplifier
25W of Class A solid state, perfect for driving tweeters in a fully active system.
* Compact Disc - The Inside Story
A series of articles I wrote for the Melbourne Audio Club magazine. Includes links to information about other digital disk technologies.
* Audio related Links
A few of my favourites. There are some more links on my Electronics page.

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Audio related Links

* Thousands of links to audio related World Wide Web sites, sorted A-Z, and information on various audio topics.
* Melbourne Audio Club Inc, based in Victoria, Australia. One of the great audio clubs in this world. I am a member!
* Audio Engineering Society.
* The "Leach" low TIM (Transient Inter-Modulation distortion) Audio Power Amplifier.
* "Dispelling Popular Audio Myths" and "Audiophoolery" are two interesting articles by Ethan Winer.
* "The Cool Sound Of Tubes" from IEEE Spectrum magazine.


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