Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms

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KAMENITZA Serbian word for a type of Karren. Literally means Pool in the stone. Syn Solution pan.
Karst - Minor Forms of. Ref EH
KANKAR (pronounced kunkar) A deposit, often nodular, of calcium carbonate formed in soils of semi arid regions by evaporation of mineralised water at the surface.. Can form cave roof. see Oolite, Calcrete, Caprock.
Karst - Kinds of. Ref JJ
KARABINER A steel or other alloy, oval or D-shaped link with a spring loaded gate on one side to admit a rope, or to clip to a ladder etc. Also known as See Karabina. Also Carabiner, Crab, Krab.
Climbing and SRT. Ref JJ
KARREN German word for the surface occurring minor forms of karst. Solution grooves cut into bare or covered limestone surfaces by running water. Also occur underground. Several types exist eg: Rillenkarren, Rundkarren, Kamenitza.
Karst - Minor Forms of. Ref TW
KARST Terrain with special landforms & drainage characteristics due to greater solubility of certain rocks in natural waters than is common. Name derived from a province in Slovenia, where this type of landform was first described. Several types described.
Karst - Kinds of. Ref JJ
KARST GEOMORPHOLOGY The scientific study of karst landforms (both on the surface and underground) and the processes which contribute to their development.
Speleology term. Ref EH
KARST HYDROGRAPHIC ZONES The 3 vertically aligned subterranean divisions of karst: upper unsaturated zone, intermittently saturated epiphreatic (or floodwater) zone and lower saturated (phreatic) zone.
Speleology term. Ref MM
KARST HYDROLOGY The scientific study of the movement of water through a karst system, and the storage of water in it.
Hydrology terms. Ref EH
KARST TYPES Buried karst, Cone karst, Covered karst, Exhumed karst, Halbkugelkarst, Holokarst, Kegelkarst, Merokarst, Microkarst, Naked karst, Paleokarst, Pseodokarst, Spitzkegelkarst, Subjacent karst, Syngenetic karst, Thermokarst, Tower karst.
Karst - Kinds of. Ref WM
KARST WINDOW A closed depression, not a polje, which has a stream flowing across its bottom.
Karst - Depression Features of. Ref JJ
KARST, FEATURES OF The special landforms of a karst area include: Caves, Dolines, Karren, Rill, Rillenkarren, Rundkarren, Solution pan and underground drainage.
Cave - Kinds of. Ref JJ
KARSTIC Pertaining to karst.
Speleology term. Ref MM
KARSTIFICATION A periodic or cyclic process where phases of active solutional development of karst are followed by infilling of karst conduits and voids.
Processes. Ref AC
KERNMANTEL A rope with a plaited sheath around a core of parallel or twisted strands.
Climbing and SRT. Ref JJ
KEYHOLE A small passage or opening in a cave having a keyhole shaped cross section, round above and narrow below.
Cave - Parts of. Ref JJ
KINGDOM 1st and highest rank in Taxonomic system. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
Biology - Flora & Fauna. Ref MM
KNOBBY PAHOEHOE A form of pahoehoe lava in which the smooth surface is broken by numerous small knobs and lumps.
Lava Cave term. Ref KG
KRAB Short for Karabiner. A steel or aluminium alloy snap link used in rope work. Also known as Karabina, Carabiner, Crab.
Climbing and SRT. Ref JJ

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