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What are the Friends Of Buchan Caves ?

The Friends of Buchan Caves (Inc.) is a volunteer group based in Victoria, Austalia. Its main aim is the preservation of caves and their natural flora and fauna. The Friends meet in the Buchan Caves Reserve and donate their time and skills to carry out special tasks, such as cave conservation, rehabilitation and management and revegetation projects.

Formed in 1987 by members of the Victorian Speleological Association, Lillydale District Caving Team and staff of the Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands (now the Department of Sustainability and Environment). The Friends became an incorporated body in late 1991.

The Friends of Buchan Caves is one of the many Volunteer Friends Groups in Parks Victoria. It is twenty three years old in 2010 and one of the longest running Friends groups. Parks Victoria manages all the parks and reserves in this state, including the Buchan Caves Reserve.

Annual membership of the Friends Of Buchan Caves is just AU$2 to cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter within Australia, or AU$5 for a family membership. Anyone can become a member and the membership fee can be paid for several years in advance. If you would like to join then please send an email to or write to:

The Secretary
Friends Of Buchan Caves Inc.
PO BOX 2277
Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Participation in Friends projects is very satisfying and rewarding. We urge you to consider coming along to Buchan on one of the weekends during the year to contribute to the volunteer work that we do there. We usually stay at Homeleigh, which is a guest-house in Buchan which is owned and run by cavers. The rates are very reasonable. An alternative is to camp in the main Caves Reserve, which is free for friends volunteers.

Everyone is good friends and we would welcome any helpers. The work is very interesting but not too demanding and everyone gets to choose how they would like to be involved. Have a look at some of the back issues of the newsletter to get an idea of what we do.

The diverse natures and backgrounds of the people who comprise the Friends are reflected in the projects and services that they undertake.

Why don't you come along and see what being a Friend is all about?


2014 Executive Officer Contact List

As volunteered:

PresidentDaryl Carr(03) 9457 1720 (H)email:
Vice PresidentDaryl Pierce0403 420 380 (M) 
SecretaryRose Tulk(03) 9499 7348 (H) 
and Membership
Erica Baddeley(03) 9808 7248 (H) 
Co-opted officers:   
Newsletter EditorDaryl Carr(03) 9458 2485 (H) 
Parks Victoria liaisonPeter Robertson0430 728 836 (M) 
WebmasterGlenn Baddeley(03) 9808 7248 (H) 


Between Friends newsletter 1992-2000

The Between Friends newsletter was published twice a year from 1992 to 2000 and mailed to all members of the Friends Of Buchan Caves. It was the the main source of news and information for the members during that period.

Index of Between Friends issues

Detailed Index of Articles


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