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Here are links to some interesting Scouting and Caving on the World Wide Web.

Australian Scouting / Caving

Scout Caving Group of South Australia.

Australian Caving

Victorian Speleological Association Inc. has links to other caving organisations in Victoria and Australia and information on caves and karst.
Australian Speleological Federation Inc.
Parks Victoria has information on Special Places - Caves.

International Scouting / Caving

West Sussex Scouts County Caving Team in the United Kingdom.
Caver Badge for Scouts on the
Scout Association UK members web site.
Boy Scouts of America and Caving and
Youth Group Caving by the NSS Youth Groups Liaison Committee
Badges for Junior Girl Scouts includes a Caving badge on the/
Girl Scouts of America - Virginia Skyline Council web site.
Scouting the Net Worldwide portal for the Scouting community.
Nearly 2000 links in over 30 categories.

International Caving

Links to caving organisations in the United Kingdom.
National Speleological Society in the USA has
Brochures including A Guide To Responsible Caving.
The Bat House has hundreds of links to information about bats.


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