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Here are some photographs taken by team members of Venturers, Rovers and team members in action underground. There is a map showing where these caving areas are.

Buchan Mount Eccles Byaduk Bats Ridge Labertouche

Caving at Buchan

Neil Chalmers watches as a caver descends into the entrance pitch of Honeycomb Cave (M-41).
Photo: unknown, mid 90's.
The entrance looks quite different in 2000.
Thomas Maggs disappearing head first into the Key Hole in Slocombe's Cave (BA-1).
Photo: Erica Maggs
A Venturer attempts a low tight squeeze in Dickson's B Cave (M-30).
Photo: Erica Maggs, 13 May 2001
Miriam Beeby emerges from an easier hole in Dickson's B Cave (M-30).
Photo: Erica Maggs, 13 May 2001
Part of the massive Wedding Cake flowstone decoration in Honeycomb Cave (M-41). That's Thomas Maggs standing in the shadow on the right.
Photo: Glenn Baddeley
Cayt Harding (L) and Brett Wakeman (R) in Wilsons Cave (EB-4).
Photo: Brett Wakeman, early 1990's
A Wirraway Venturer commencing an awkward down-climb in Wilsons Cave (EB-4).
Photo: Stephen Yam (VL, Wirraway Venturers), 13 July 2002
Wirraway Venturers waiting to go through a squeeze in Wilsons Cave (EB-4).
Photo: Stephen Yam, 13 July 2002
A Wirraway Venturer emerging from the loop in the Cul De Sac in Wilsons Cave (EB-4).
Photo: Stephen Yam, 13 July 2002

Caving at Mount Eccles

Some eager Venturers exploring The Maze (H-71 main entrance / H-72 back entrance).
Photo: Glenn Baddeley, 13 Feb 2000
Erica Maggs surrounded by roots in Smoko Cave (H-49).
Photo: Brett Wakeman, 9 Apr 1994
Caving Team members, Venturers and Leaders about to enter cave number H-53 (this cave doesn't have a name).
Photo: Glenn Baddeley 1997
East Bentleigh Venturers flat out in the Southern Crawls section of North Pole Cave (H-51).
Photo: Glenn Baddeley, 16 Feb 2003
An investiture of East Bentleigh Venturers conducted by candle light in Tunnel Cave (H-9) on the Saturday night of a caving trip.
Photo: Glenn Baddeley, 16 Feb 2003

Caving at Byaduk

Byaduk is about 20km North of Mount Eccles.
The gaping entrance of Church Cave (H-15). The three people standing at the upper right give an idea of the scale.
Photo: Erica Maggs
Some fun with Turtle Cave (H-90). It is a shallow cave with two entrances. Just a short stretch!
Photo: Erica Maggs, 12 Feb 2000
An East Bentleigh Venturer negotiating the link between Harman One Cave (H-11) and Harman Two Cave (H-12).
Photo: Glenn Baddeley, 16 Feb 2003
Brett Wakeman emerges from one of the smaller entrances to The Theatre (H-33).
Photo: Glenn Baddeley, 16 Feb 2003

Caving at Bats Ridge

Journeying beyond the main chamber in Chimney Cave (BR-1).
Photos: Glenn Baddeley, 21 Mar 1999

Caving at Labertouche

Climbing out the down-stream entrance of Labertouche Cave (GP-7).
Photo: Erica Maggs, 29 April 2001


Designed by Glenn and Erica Baddeley.
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