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This site will supply you with multiple resources for your study of Geoffrey Trease's Cue for Treason (1940) and Gweneth Lilly's On a Scaffold High (1995). It offers resources, worksheets and assignment tasks.

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This unit opens a window for you on sixteenth century England, a Golden Age of English history (in its setting, themes and characters) and may introduce you to the genre of the historical fiction. This genre raises interesting technical issues for studying the craft of writing.

This novel was published while England suffered the Blitz in the dark days of 1940. Trease's novel offers inspiration and tradition. Trease uses many local proper place names and makes a powerful appeal to be proud of the native English countryside and its food. Name after name rolls off the page in a patriotic appeal to what's "ancient and true". In it, readers can readily identify with a simple but courageous boy who resists treason and is loyal to his Queen and country. Because it is a novel, we move with the character, we understand his loyalty, we share his fears and hopes, and enjoy the thrill of the chase. No other genre can so successfully teach us history. (G.Smith) Summary


Course Links
Teaching Programme
2001 preparation tasks
Text Analysis questions
Cue for Treason Lesson Plans
Some Cue for Treason themes
On a Scaffold High Study Notes
Journal Report Outline
Character Profile Guide
Practice Essay Topics
Using facts
Peter's mistakes

Research/ background links
Meeting this novel
Spies: some definitions & exemplars
Geoffrey Trease biodata
Thornton worksheet: chapters
The Player's Boy summary
A Theater Guide to Shakespeare
Genre Discussion
Heroes theme essay
A practice plan
Exam Preparation
A writer's concerns
Sample 'concerns' essay
Revision Checklist
Windows on New Worlds
For Enrichment and Extension

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

Elizabethan times

Map of Elizabethan England


Shakespeare biodata
Sonnet 73
Shakespeare's world (many links)
Shakespeare Net Resources
Globe Theatre site
Shakespeare's world
Video Worksheet for Shakespeare: The Man and His Times
Shakespeare audio lecture
Shakespeare's oeuvre

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I teach English Language Arts here in Canada. Much to my surprise and delight I recently came across your Cue For Treason Lesson Notes -- easily the best I've seen. I immediately saved it in my favorites. I desperately need and want to put your lesson ideas to work in my classroom in the New Year. I thank you for creating your extrardinary Secondard English page.

I am an assistant at a library, I am responsible for finding resources for our educational series. This week we will be discussing William Shakespeare. While looking for information on Shakespeare I found your page (http://home.pacific.net.au/~greg.hub/treason.html) was very helpful. Thanks so much :)

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