Friends and Allies

A Friend is someone who likes you and will therefore will tend to take your side in most situations and will think of you at random moments and may do nice things for you without you asking. An Ally is someone whose goals are tied into your goals and for whom success is likely only to come completely with your success, they might also like you, but that is another thing. A Devotee is someone who holds your life and well being at least equal to their own and sometimes above it.

You can define any Friend and Non Family Allies. Non Family Allies can be normal citizens of Amber, Rebma or Corwinville or Important persons from Golden Circle or other Shadows. Very Powerful Non Family Friends can be powerful or influential citizens of Amber, Rebma or Corwinville or Rulers of Golden Circle or Other Shadows. Family Allies and Devotees will be determined by the GM's. In the case of a Devotee it is most likely that the Devotee will never positively identify themselves to the Character.

A Family Friend or Non Family Ally costs 1 point. A Very Powerful Non Family Friend or Family Ally cost 2 points. A Family Devotee costs 6 points.

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