Conjuration is the art of enchanting things and creating things from nothing. It enables you to mould shadow into new forms, create things from nothing, and imbue pre-extant items and creatures with new powers and qualities.

The mechanism of your Conjuration need not be magical, and can be called Engineering or Science if you want a super technical type of character. Scientific Conjuration will still be subject to failure when moved across Shadows and can be dispelled with magical dispels. Basic Conjuration costs 10 points whether it is magical, engineering or scientific.

It's main subcategories are:

Simple Conjuration: Making something out of nothing, only non living objects can be made this way. The object takes one minute per point of Quality to build, but it will fade away after a while (several days out in Shadow, less time near Pattern, more time near Chaos). It also instantly vanishes if moved across Shadow. Such items can only be created where Shadow is malleable; this will not work in Amber and is difficult in the Golden Circle. A created object can be implanted with magical power, each point of Power takes ten minutes, but it also fades when moved across Shadow.

Empowerment: You can empower a pre-existing item, artefact or creature with Qualities and Powers. After thirty minutes preparation, the item can be infused with Qualities (10 minutes per point) and Powers (1 hour per point). Such items retain their innate durability, but will lose their powers permanently if taken to null-magic or strongly low tech shadows, and are likely to lose their Empowerments if moved to another Shadow.

Complex Conjuration: Can produce non-living objects and creatures from nothing. One hour per point for Qualities and Six hours for Powers; the item can survive in any shadow until it is actively dispelled, although its powers won't function in null-magic or strongly low tech areas.

True Conjuration: This ability requires one to possess the ability or potential to mould Shadow, creating conjurations which will never fade unless they are deliberately dispelled. The effect can either be an Empowerment or a Complex Conjuration, and it takes ten times as long to cast. The True Conjuration may work in some Shadows that would not normally support that level of magic or technology, but will fail in null-magic and non-tech Shadows.

Conjuration requires familiarity with the Item Construction Rules. Basic Conjuration only allows access to Qualities and Powers up to 2 points.

Conjurations are vulnerable to being dispelled by the use of any Real Power against them.

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