Patterns 3.1

A just post First Series campaign starting with Characters who are unaware of their true heritage and with play predominantly in Shadows in the Near Amber region. The campaign will be First Series with additions of the GM's own devising. Information, Places and Characters from the Second Series may appear but will not be as presented in the Second Series. Information, Places and Characters from the Short Stories are largely unknown by the GM's and any resemblance to anything appearing in the Campaign will be a complete fluke.

Character Creation.



Game Etiquette.


Welcome to the Web archive for the Patterns 3.1 campaign. Hopefully this site will be an ongoing project with player contributions and a developing background going up as time and other commitments permit, so I hope you enjoy it and come back and see what we are doing from time to time.

This campaign is based almost completely on the First Series. Although some places and personalities from the Second Series do appear they are not necessarily representative of the characters of the Second Series. We have made adjustments to the timeline, geography, cosmology and anything else in the source material we wanted to make the campaign run smoother and to better highlight the plots and themes we wanted to run.

Some sections of this background have been adapted from the web documents of other campaigns and I have tried to credit those I could recall, if I have missed anyone then let me know and I'll make adjustments and additions where required.

The Campaign is currently not excepting new players.

Feel free to email the Referees Peter and David with any questions or queries.