Recent History

Note this is just a rough outline to give us something to start with. Ask questions if you want something filled in, not guaranteeing immediate answers, but ask anyway it'll give me a chance to think of a good answer by the time your characters are in a position to find out.

8 Years ago.
Monsters appearing in Golden Circle Shadows and Shadow Storms on the increase.

5 Years ago.
Corwin and Random encounter Julian in Arden. Corwin and Random save Deirdre and go to Rebma.
+3 months Corwin and Bleys build force, attack Amber, fail. Bleys falls off stairs, Corwin taken prisoner.
+4 months Eric crowned. Corwin blinded and imprisoned.

4 years ago
+1 month Black Road appears. Monsters of increasing variety and power start to appear.
+6 months Julian and Gerard attempt to scout Black Road, fail and rest with Benedict in Avalon before returning to Amber.

3 Years ago
+1 month and onwards. Chaos Armed Forces start appearing in the Golden Circle, in small groups initially, raiders and bandits, but increasing in size and power.

2 Years ago
+3 months First wave of Chaos Armies appear attacking North Golden Circle Shadows. Military campaigns rage across the Golden Circle.
+9 months Second Wave of Chaos Armies arrives in the North Golden Circle.
+11 months Barrow Kings Army arrives in Garnath and begins assaults.

1 Year ago
+2 months Ferroids arrive in Garnath and break fixed defences pushing defenders back towards Arden.
+3 months Imperial Chaos Army arriving in the Shadow of Amber overruns the Vale of Garnath and camps within striking distance of Amber.
+4 months Deirdre returns from Rebma to help defend Amber. Fiona returns the next day.
+5 months Benedict returns to help defend Amber. Corwin wins battle at Amber. Eric dies in battle.
+6 months Oberon takes command, gives separate orders to his children. Oberon orders everyone to attack Chaos. Corwin begins his hellride. Battle of Chaos. Full turn out, all Family (minus Gerard) plus Amber, Rebma and Shadow troops. No Golden Circle troops taken to Chaos. Family reunites after the battle. Random made King of Amber by the Unicorn. Corwin tells his story to Merlin.
+6 and a half months Elders return to Amber. Find Amber remaining pretty much as it was, but the Golden Circle badly disrupted.
+7m & 8m Random confirmed as King with active support of Caine, Julian and Gerard and Llewella and little opposition. Corwin busy sorting out his new Pattern Realm. Llewella returns to Rebma. Visits to all Golden Circle Shadows by Caine or Gerard as start of a rotating convey act. Many Golden Circle Shadows also visited by Fiona and Bleys.

Year 1004 since the Founding of the City of Amber.

First month: All Non Golden Circle Player Characters should have arrived.

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