Personal Shadows

Characters may invest in Status, Resources and Degree of Divinity in a Shadow. Each of these factors may be bought at 2 points, 4 point s or 8 points. At 2 points you have a very large amount of power. At 4 points no one in your world has more power and likely you out muscle the rest of the world combined. At 8 points you have all the power available in the world, and your world is particularly rich in that sort of power. For zero points you are a normal citizen of your world with some resources and no more supernatural powers than you have anywhere else.

Status - Authority, Influence and Reputation.
2 points - World Famous and Well Respected; Michael Jordan, Stephen Hawkins.
4 points - Leader of a World Power; President of the US, Chairperson of the Gnomes of Zurich.
8 points - Supreme World Authority; overt and covert life and death authority over every living being in your world, even the Gods bow down to you.

Resources - Cash, Property, Flunkies, Vehicles.
2 points - Squillionaire; Bill Gates, any Bond villain.
4 Points - Owner of a Continent; Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great.
8 points - LandLord Man; you have direct or indirect ownership of everything in your world.

Degree of Divinity - your local supernatural resources.
2 points - Wizard/Hero; Achilles, Merlin.
4 points - Demigod; Gandalf, Hercules.
8 points - Ubergod; kick the whole Greek pantheon around for fun.

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