Pattern Imprint

Pattern Imprint is the birth right of those descended from Oberon, the first king of Amber. It allows the user to move between Shadows, to mould items and creatures of lesser Reality, to influence probabilities and to defend themselves against the influence of other Powers. A Pattern Initiate with the full 50 points of Pattern Imprint can also use the Death Curse ability.

Simple Pattern - 30 points. Shadow Movement; allows the user to move through Shadow and seek things in Shadow. Pattern Defence; provides good protection against other powers and magic, but little against physical attacks. Allows purchase of the following two powers.

Shadow Moulding - 10 points. Allows the user to make changes to a Shadow without leaving the Shadow. Eg weaken a wall, change the colour of a flag, change a coin into different coin. This can be used to make items or empower items or creatures in a way similar to Conjuration, but generally takes longer.

Probability Manipulation - 10 points. Allows the user to influence the outcome of events. Generally requires the user to be near by or involved during the majority of the event and to concentrate on the desired outcome.

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