Power Words

Power Words are minor, tightly defined and limited effects that a Character can produce with a single word or gesture. They can be magical, kung fu style Chi powered, small super tech gadgets, odd mystical skills or divine gifts.

What can Power Words do? Power Words produce immediate, short-term, usually single-target effects. They feed off the user's life force, eventually leading to exhaustion.

List of Basic Power Words: Burst Of Magic, Burst of Psyche, Burst of Strength, Burst of Speed, Chaos Negation, Defensive Luck, Induce Euphoria, Induce Fear, Light Strobe, Life Force, Magic Negation, Neural Disrupt, Pain Attack, Pattern Negation, Process Surge, Process Snuff, Psychic Disrupt, Resume True Form, Shade, Spark, Thunder, Trump Disrupt, Weaken Structure.

True Names. Power Words normally require overcoming the target's Psyche if they are invasive, but if you know the target's true name, any Power Word you use on them will automatically succeed. Smart Magicians hide their true names well.

How Many Power Words Can I Do Before I Fall Down and Can't Get Up?
Human Endurance: You can manage three and you're fine. Four to six make you tired. Seven to nine in a row will make you exhausted. The tenth one knocks you out.
Chaos Endurance: You can manage six and you're fine. Seven to twelve make you tired. Thirteen to eighteen in a row will make you exhausted. Beyond that you collapse.
Amber Endurance or Higher: You move by stages to exhaustion at every nine power words. At higher ranks, you can increasingly use power words at will without tiring significantly. However, if you're tired from other things, they can contribute to mounting exhaustion.

What are some defences against Power Words? Power words can be resisted with Psyche if they have invasive effects, as can most other magics. Pattern, Shapeshift, and Trump can be used defensively to prevent invasive magics working and to reduce the effects of non-invasive magics. Sorcerers can also defend against each other's magic by using counterspells. This comes down to a psyche vs. psyche battle as to which succeeds. In some shadows, items or behaviours which ward off magic may exist.

Power Words cost 2 points each for the first 5 and then one point each.

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