Shape Shifting

A Shape Shifter can transform and control the material which makes up their being. Both conscious and unconscious transformations are possible. Any two abilities may be bought for 15 point, then the other two at 10 points each, but Power Defence must be bought last.

Ignore Environment. The Shifter takes no damage or penalties for any merely environmental circumstances; eg atmosphere, heat, cold, fire, electricity, radiation. Extreme environments may require the Shifter to change their form to one suited to that environment.

Regeneration. The Shifter can recover from minor wounds very quickly and can mentally direct the repair processes of their body. Major wounds may take days or weeks to fully recover, but anything non fatal will be recovered from in less than a month. Regeneration does take energy and rapidly healing a number of major wounds will cause some exhaustion.

Shape Change. The Shifter can adopt different forms and use the general abilities of those forms. Shifters generally have two or three self defined forms, one generally adapted for combat or hostile situations, and have a collection of well practised creature forms. At Basic levels a Shifter can produce a general likeness of an individual, but not an exact one.

Power Defence. The Shifter can resist the influence of Powers and Magic on himself. This is less effective against mental influences. Also on reaching this level the Shifters Ignore Environment ability is reinforced and their Regeneration ability expands to include automatic reaction to Mortal wounds. This reaction will generally cause them to try to escape the immediate situation and then go into a healing coma, also called going Primal.

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