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Friday 14 April 2004

PHP Business Management System Project Complete [by alexi02@ 11:03 AM]

Our second PHP Project has been completed! Installation is easy and again it's freeware. There are some screenshots of all the sections in the project page. :)

Updated PHP SMS Project to V1.0.3 [by alexi02 @ 11:37 PM]

The input of the postcode has been changed to 5 digits.

Thursday 13 May 2004

Test PHP SMS Project[by alexi02 @ 11:35 AM]

You can now test and try out the PHP SMS Project, look at the project for the URL.

Tuesday 11 May 2004

New Forums [by alexi02 @ 1:40 PM]

Uzzi Soft now has a Forums of it's own! You can ask questions about PHP Projects, there is a help board, you can offer some suggestions, you can suggest what our other futures projects should be. There is also a Off Topic section to the forum. :)

Monday 10 May 2004

Updated PHP SMS Project to V1.0.2.1 [by alexi02 @ 9:03 PM]

Just a minor update, which sets the database in connect.php to "phpsms" so you don't have to change that.

Wednesday 14 April 2004

Updated PHP SMS Project to V1.0.2 [by alexi02 @ 11:25 PM]

I have been trying different input for the postcode, phone number 1 & 2 and have found that if I typed in "1000" or "0111" for the postcode, it's been cutting out the "0" and putting "0111" as "111". So I replaced the INT in the MySQL to VARCHAR and also got rid of the checking of length.

Added PHP SMS Screenshots [by alexi02 @ 11:55 PM]

The PHP Simple Member System Project has now got some screenshots that you can look at before you download it.

Saturday 10 April 2004

New PHP Project - PHP BMS [by alexi02 @ 7:07 PM]

Well I've decided to start planning/researching to make a PHP Business Management System. This system will be kind of like the ones that shops use for checkout, you enter the Product ID or find it manually and then print out a invoice for your customer.

Thursday 8 April 2004

PHP SMS Project Updated to V1.0.1 [by alexi02 @ 12:54 PM]

The PHP Simple Member System Project has been updated with a couple of bug fixes and a new simpler way to install the whole project just by running one file and editing another file.

Tuesday 6 April 2004

PHP Simple Member System Project Complete [by alexi02 @ 5:12 PM]

Our first PHP Project has just been completed. It's simple for those of you who are new to PHP and want to look at some code. Enjoy... it's freeware :)

Sunday 4 April 2004

Uzzi Soft Website Started [by alexi02 @ 4:18 PM]

After much thinking about making a website for projects (eg, PHP), I've decided to make a website and put it on the internet. Check out the projects for a list of all the projects that have been completed and the progress on the ones that we are making. The page also includes the features of the project/program and a download link once complete.

There is a download page which lists the projects/programs available for downloading and includes the individual files and the whole file project/program. Most projects will be freeware unless stated, this means that there will usually be comments included with each file telling you how it works and explain most of the steps it does.

In the download page we also allow you to download specific files that you want in a program. Each file has a version history and if a file is changed then that files version history is changed and the overall project/program's version history will change as well which informs about what file was changed/what was changed.