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PHP Simple Member System

Status: Updated
Current Version: 1.0.3

The PHP simple member system allows creating of new users to a database. Users can then log in, see who is online, change their details, change their password and logout.

  • Each file contains a documented header which includes information on what it does, how it does it and standard information
  • Creating new users into MySQL database
  • Displays user information on login
  • Displays the current online users
  • Allows users to change their details
  • Allows users to change there password
  • Users can logout
  • Use of cookies



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Demo of the Project:

Demo of the Project


Download Here

How to Install:

You will need to have MySQL with PHP and a webserver.

Extract the files and modify the connect.php file and change the connection to the database information that is found in this file.
eg. $link = mysql_connect('<IP Address of MySQL>', "<username>", "<password>");
The first part of the bracket <IP Address of MySQL> is the IP Address of the MySQL Server, the second part <username> is the username for the server and third part <password> is the password for the username.

You will need to upload the image files to the same directory as the files to get the pictures to work.
Now you need to upload these files to your web server and then run the install.php script which will then create a new database and two tables in your MySQL Server. It is required to run this script or else this project will not work.

You can now just run any file (login.html or createnewuser.html) to try this project out.

Version History:

  2004-05-14 - Version 1.0.3  
    - Updated the Postcode to allow 5 digits for different countries.  

  2004-05-10 - Version  
    - Changed the connect.php database selection to "phpsms", which is what it should have been already  

  2004-04-14 - Version 1.0.2  
    - Changed postcode, phone number 1 and 2 to VARCHAR in MySQL database instead of INT.  
    - Removed checking of length of postcode, phone number 1 and 2  

  2004-04-8 - Version 1.0.1  
    - Fixed some creating of users bugs.  
    - Made it easier to change the connection data of the MySQL Server via a connect.php file  
    - Changed the validation of users into a new file called validateuser.php  
    - Made installation easier just by running one file (install.php) and editing one file (connect.php).  

  2004-04-6 - Version 1.0.0  
    - Initial Release