World 1

Town Quests

Catacomb Spiders
Barkeep, Decrantes pub

Just kill them all, the Catacombs are down a hole in the south of the city. You can also smash the spider eggs.

Ashela's Gem
Mysterious Man, West Decrantes

In the first dungeon, behind a stuck door. (Not in a cave, in a dungeon). Enter the tree behind the House of the Peaceful Man in the East forest.

Return Crucifix
Father Hranemus, North Decrantes

You need to smash through to a hidden area of his cellar to find this one. You will also need to keep a floor pressure button depressed by putting a rock (or heavy object) on it.

Gold Nugget
Hrohgar the Greedy, South Decrantes

The gold nugget is somewhere in the VERY first forest: the start point of the game. And not the spider cave: there is a "lizard cave". An abandoned mine. Be sure to destroy (by attacking) all the cracked walls.

Violet of Youth
Brother Mordar, East Forest

This is in the area with bandits, it’s an obvious bright coloured flowering bush that you click on.

N'Gora's Dungeon

There are 2 keys for 2 doors. Both of them are on shelves in this map. The second shelf is behind the Wall of Force.

There is a third door here that is stuck - hit it to open.

For the 4 switches in front of the force wall, read the parchment on the wall: "Life = sad, death = happy". Opposite each lever is something, is that something life or death? How should the lever correspond to life/death, sad/happy? When you are done try walking into the force field. The notice says: "Death always makes me happy" - so look at the levers' opposite items, and if the item symbolizes death, leave that lever up, if the item symbolizes life, pull that lever down.

The entrance to World 2 and the Town of Berquel is found in here.

Morah's Plan (Add-On map)

The doors which are guarded by 1-1 floor switches are stuck - hit them to make them open.

Try to find secret buttons, get some keys, and open the main door in the room what contains many coloured floor switches - but remember what a city guy tells you in this room.

Keymaker's hint: "Another problem: you can't move from one of the keyholes to reach the other, when you're about to open the inner safe. A trick must be applied, that's your business."

Mystic Wolves: to kill them you must use the mystic sting. I think they are the special weapons given from one of the men in the huts.

Red gate - red , yellow, blue and green buttons on the floor and don't forget to bring a heavy item (rock, sword, armour etc.) with you if you want to turn the keys.

In the "bank" the doors are just stuck. Hit them to get them open. (The "key required" message is only a joke, Stewe did this map, and he is a funny guy).

Morah's Plan's stairs, unlocked door, crucifix, ancient book: sorry dudes, these are just Stewe's jokes. I promise I will kick him in the @ss - he did this map, and he always like to play with the players' patience (like in the Home of Patience. ) So, these things are useless, you never gonna get behind the stairs, and you never gonna use that book and that crucifix. Maybe you could sell them? I don't know. If yes, do that.

World 2

Town Quests

There are a cheap pub, a weapons shop, an armour shop, and cheap spell shop that only open in the daytime. There are an expensive pub (Level 5 adventurers available) and an expenisve spell shop that only open at night. You can always sleep a bit extra to get to the night/day time you want.

Magic Hammer
Dearmor the Great, Northwest Beraquel

This is a nice hammer with +4 str that you might want to hang on to for a while, if you haven’t bought/found anything better. It is in the Ogre Forest, to the far North of the main forest. But you’ll have to give it back eventually to get the Tower Level 3 key.

Lost letter
Drunken Othase, Middle Beraquel

This is in the forest section.

Blood Lucretia’s necklace
Blood Lucretia, Middle Beraquel

You get this back from Drunken Othase after returning his letter.

Rescue Twin
Jojush Jne, West Beraquel

Rescue her twin from the Barbarians, in the Barbar-Amazon map. These two maps are the same - but have two different exits, to the far west and far east of the forest. This quest is very sad.

DO pull the two levers here (one in Amazon map area, one in Barbarian map area). You will need them to get past the force wall into the Tower.

Coins quest
Barkeep, Night-only (expensive) pub, East Beraquel

The five coins are in (1) 2nd city, (2) Barbar-Amazon forest, (3) Barbar-Amazon cave, (4) Ogre Forest, (5) Tower level 1

Be careful not to have two duplicate coins if you have spent more than seven days searching, the barkeep will only accept five different ones.

Locked doors in Beraquel
One key can be found in the Tower, the other after completing the Coins quest.

Tower Level 1

To get past the force wall and enter the tower, you need to pull the two levers in the Barbar-Amazon map (see Lost Twin quest).

The red lines you see in the Tower map are secret shelves or levers/switches.

Blinking holes cannot be permanently closed - you need to time your movements and be quick.

For the holes in front of them, you need to press secret buttons. These are in other room’s pit.

The secret buttons are not "attackable", just tap on them, like on doors, or other switches.

Where the wall scroll says: "Five holes, four switches, two keys, and two ways...": you don't need both two keys! One key is enough, later you can reach the other door from the other side.

Tower Level 2

Tower level 2: you must find the key behind the teleport puzzle, behind much-much breakable walls.

Teleporters-to-teleporters puzzle: there are switches on walls that are hard to find so every time you use a teleporter push the walls near by. Look for hidden switches, broken blocks, and visible switches. Don't get discouraged and you should find some opened up passageways in that area. Look for paths between the first and second teleports.

Walls-to-walls puzzle: use rocks or heavy items. If you don't have any rocks the first city’s forest caves should be reloaded (after seven days of game time), so go in those and get them. Otherwise heavy items such as blades, axes, shields, armours will do - you can tell by the look of the plate if it is depressed - and you can always come back and pick up your stuff later. You don't have to place heavy items on every floor plate. Just step on the plates, and listen carefully to what you hear.

Q: The rocks I have won't keep the plates down on the "walls to walls" puzzle. Am I missing something?

A: Stand on the whole, go to your rock, select one and use the yellow arrow pointing down to set it down.

The "wall to wall" puzzle is not a necessary thing, you just can receive some bonus items there.

Holes-to-holes puzzle: remember to time your movements. Look for hidden switches.

It's easy, just search for secret buttons close to the moving holes, and close to the teleporters. And try to "learn" the teleporters' target points to reach the one what moves you to the north, to the exit. This is a simple puzzle.

Tower Level 3

It is highly recommended to use a written map on Tower Level 3.

You need to find 2 normal buttons/levers, activate them and go to the West side: a wall disappears, a door appears (the only door on this level).

You must find only 2 levers which moving 2 walls on the west side. Just go around, and try to bypass the "floor canals".

Tower Level 4

Tower ending

Talk to Mersant and get the key from the statue.

After finishing Tower level 4, you must go back in the city with the key you found beside Mersant, and just try to find the way out. Hint: talk with the man beside the "expensive" night-opening tavern, in the eastern quarter of the city.

Door by 4 pressure pads (where there are 2, turn the corner, 2 more and the passage closes behind you): try to find a secret button there on the wall what opens a new passage back to the first pressure pad. Try to "bypass" the second (or third) pad which closes the door. The first pad opens it.

World 3

Fire Empire

Fire empire "choose one" key: explore the full "check-table area" to the south.

Pair of doors/Pair of shelves: the doors are in pairs (just see them), and of course the shelves (behind the doors) are also in pairs. You must just "exhange" the items on the shelves - from the full shelf to the (pair) empty shelf. Look the color of the doors, these are the pairs. Close them all to look their colour. To place items on shelves: tap on shelves, then tap the yellow (drop item) arrow.

6 door + 6 shelf puzzle: it must work. 3 times. with the 3 items of the shelves: fire hammer, fire necklace, fire helm. Every item opens 1 door (in the right shelf).

Fire Empire's hole hallway: the "check table area" contains a secret button in the north-east corner. This will remove the non-moving holes.

Purple dragon key: you will need 3 dragon keys to the lower level of the Fire Empire (Fire Catacombs). Just fall into a hole to reach it.

The ancient dragon sword is in the basment of the Fire Catacombs, when you go down the stairs to the dragon caves.

"Choose one, forget the other": you never can open all doors here, as the pergamen says: you have 1 key (get this from a shelf in the “check table” area to the south), but 2 doors to choose. It's up to you. (Behind the doors you receive bonus items. Choose what you want, just save a game before the doors to see all two of them).

In the room with 6 big Buddhas: touch the one and only "different-colored" buddha statue to open a secret wall on the south side.

Q - How can I get past the moving holes in the fire empire in the 2 hallways?
A - In the Checkerboard area there is a hidden switch on one of the walls that will close them.

Q - I did find one button to close a hole, are there more buttons for the rest of the holes?
A - Nope, just follow them right through to the other side.

Q - The checkerboard area looks like there are more areas to search but I can't seem to find the way to get in, any advice?
A - Touch walls and buddhas

Q - The choose one, forget the other sign....does that mean to pick one door and miss out on the other?
A - Yes

Q - Is that relevant to the game?
A - As relevant as getting some gift over another. Will not make or break your finishing it though.

Q - Also, I have not come upon the frozen or fire dragons, did I miss them??
A - Since you have yet to pass or fall through the holes, there is still more to explore

Frozen Empire

There are different areas throughout the Frozen Kingdom that have “switches” you have to pull to turn off the teleporters. There's about 4 different times you have to pull things to get past the teleporter.

Gold key: search in the Frozen Catacombs prison. Talk to Heresa there, she'll reveal some secret.

Fixed holes: when you first go into the fire cave, turn right and go into a checkerboard area with lots of alcoves. There is a secret switch in the North East corner of the checkerboard area (not a lever) that will turn off the fixed holes.

The pull switch in the short southern passage opens the door which closed behind you. So you are not "locked" anywhere. Just don't step on the floor switch in the middle, and don't place item on it. (This closed the door behind you.)

Door with 6 switches in front: you just have to consider one of the the direction hints you get (NE-NW-S).

The Spiral: Every time you finish another room in the Frozen Empire, you should get a little bit further to the center of the spiral. But you can't influence the spiral directly, in another room there are levers and switches that will do the work. You have to go elsewhere in the dungeon, and then, from time to time, come back, when you can't go elsewhere, to check the spiral again - maybe this time you have the "key" for the second, third, etc. part of it.

At this point in the game there should be very few locked doors. Make sure that all the doors are open in the lower levels of both Fire and Ice - the easiest way to get to them is to fall through one of the holes.

The two dungeons (Fire and Ice) are connected. So, if you received a blue key in the Fire Empire, go to the Frozen Empire. If you received a red key in Frozen Empire, go to the Fire Empire.

Search the place with lots of fountains for a cracked wall.

Frozen Catacombs

Room with floorplate in the middle: to exit, take everything off the floorplate, do not step on it and take the long way around to the door you want to get to.

Q - I'm stuck at Frozen and Fire catacombs. I have red, purple and cold dragon keys. What I can do it with this keys? I can't find new doors.
A - Fall through some holes in the fire section

House of Patience

Search everywhere for secret buttons on the walls.

You must find 2 rooms with 6-6 switches, and make them match to get the door open.

Secret room: there are some floor switches which open the wall to this room, but some other switches just close it. And there is no hint, no noise, no message when the wall closes.

The second door button room for the laughing door: both are immediately NE of the entrance - one is accessed through the East door and the other through the North door.

Levers in Secret Room: you must find the "mirror"-room for this room which is much easier to find. These two rooms' levers must be in the same state: eg make them match. One room contains locked switches, but not the other.

The southeast hidden room's buddha has a key: the East Winged key.

6 buttons to open the door: you can find 2 hints behind 2 breakable walls nearby.

6 switch room where wall closes in: you must wait an hour, then the Face lets you out again - this is the test of patience, remember.

Mirror-rooms: go back to the main entrance of the map, and choose another way. Three passage open from there, the eastern and the northern passage leads to 1-1 "mirror-room" with many switches.

Un-reachable key: just try to bypass the invisible teleporters in that room to reach the shelf. A hint: first try to step under the candle, turn to the shelf, and then...

House of Tricks

First door: you need to open the door opposite this door first.

Area to the far east: through a “wall” button, there's two teleporters, one teleports southwest, one goes directly north. The north teleporter ends up at a 4 way junction where you can go w, n, e - there were evil eyes there.. can't go through the 'east' door even tho it's open

6 buttons: the mirror-rooms are just right above each other. For the north one a floor switch to the north opens the wall for it, but the other (to the north) closes it. The south one: just go to the east from the start point of the map, and tap on the faces, and secret buttons - you'll be there.

In the Home of Tricks, the Sphere's name is "Sphere of Secrets".

Hints for Key to your Death: check everything around the starting point.

Sphere key: you need to solve the force wall to the north. The key is located in the alcove behind the 4th wall of force.

4 walls of force: you must activate the first 3 walls, and then - using a big and secret detour - get to the 4th wall *from behind*. It's a HARD one. But a pergamen says there what must you do. After activating the first 3 Walls of Force, you must reach the fourth one without deactivating the others.

There is a hidden room before you hit the 5 teleporter room with 3 pull chain things. Find the right combo to continue into new areas. After you try each combo of pull chains go and search behind the teleporters.

5 teleporters room: there are 2 secret buttons here, one in the room, one in the passage leading to it. One of them opens a small room with 3 levers, the other button opens a passage which leads behind the teleporter-room, to a grey wall. Then if you pull the levers in the right combination, the grey wall will disappear.

In the room with the 5 floorpads, 5 teleporters there is a secret passage to the back of the teleporters. Also you have to pull the three chaines in a secret room in the right combination (it's in the hallway just before the room with the 5 teleporters). Then a long secret passage opens in the 5 teleporter-room which leads to the north of House of Tricks. (There you should get a chance to solve the 4 force wall puzzle).

"4 floor plates moving a wall" puzzle: it's like a joystick. Just move with the 4 plates the gray filtered wall close to the another gray filtered wall, and "push" into it. The passage will be free.

Northeastern part of Home of Tricks ("Find a way out of passage then return to the door" bit): a secret button in the passage opens a new "detour". Open it. Then step on the first floor pad (this one opens the door) and - with the detour - try to bypass the middle floor pad (this one closes the door) to get to the opened door.

House of Cold Blood

Contains Sphere of Guard: in the South part of the map, centrally located. I remember a long hall to it that was behind a hidden wall maybe.

This one doesn’t need much brainpower. But very well armored characters against HUGE magical attacks.

Sohl’s Cave

Search for secret buttons on the walls *everywhere*.

East and West Winged keys: useful in the north-eastern room of the "Home of Patience" map.

That secret part in Sohl's Cave is not the sequel's entrance, it's just a simple puzzle, which leads to two special fountains. (The black fountain is a raise dead-fountain). You have to step only on the floor switch which closes the force field, or does nothing with it. It's not too hard. Step some (2, I think) forward, then step left to the wall, and go further forward beside the wall.

Dragon Lair

There are a total of 4 blades; Mucous, Fire, Ice, and Ancient Blades. Each dragon has his own "needs" as far as the blade is concerned. The Mucous Blade is needed for the Swamp Dragon.

There is a guy in the town who is looking for Ancient Blades. What you need to do is bring him some and he will give you the dragon swords.

Ice dragon: to hit, you must return to Grendelmoore and find Negan to exchange the Ice Dragon Blade.


Redshift key: it's the game's super secret key! So I don't reveal which door must you find to get the Redshift Bonus. Just a tip: search in the 3 cities...

(This may be a cool Redshift Axe in Sohl’s Cave. Or this may be found with the Skeleton Key).

Cheat: play cards at the Inns and save beforehand, and just reload if you lose.

General tips

- don't think the rocks lying around aren't important to hold on to

- if stuck, look for some 'switches' on the nearby wall/closer rooms (may be hard to see, so you can just 'click' the wall sometime.. this is somewhat frustrating at times to find since it's just a brick poking out.. I didn't realize this before.

- attacking some things (non-creatures) is needed at some point.

- if a gate is "stuck" just hit it with one of your first row characters and then you can open it.

- monsters memorise damage so you can hit them and come back later (after healing/buying more potions)

- always explore, never leave a spot unexplored in your maps. You never know what you will find.

Character/Party tips

- 2 fighters in front then either cleric/mage or some combo in back

- adventurers are available town1 (lvl1), town 2 (lvl1 and lvl 5) and town3 (lvl 10).. my chars were lvl 10 (almost 11) by the time they hit town3, so don't fret if you lose someone, just get a new one.. i've only found one(1) raise dead scroll so far however

- getting your party members from the beginning of the game is more advantageous! Basic total stats of a level 6 character is around 40-44 while characters from the 2nd second city have stats totalling 20-30

Stats/Levelling tips

- characters really take off and get very powerful after about level 4-10.. very fast advancement, seem pretty unstoppable... getting from level 1 to 2 or 3 is a little hard starting off and you can get killed many times (don't worry about it, just hire someone else)

- low intelligence HAS bearing on fighters: products a very low magic resistance - something what you'll face in the 2nd half on the game, where many spellcaster creature attacks your party

- Additional question: Is there any way to 'choose' which character receives the 'extra' level, for touching the green stones ever? Seems random assignment.. would be nice if you could choose though.. it'd make my mage that's 13 probably 16th by now..

- Answer: Yep, the green stone works randomly. Until this time, you are the only one who reports this "wish", so let's wait with it

- the Lichen Stones works after 7 days? Well, if yes, it's a big cheat for everyone.

- The fountains and mana orbs refresh every day

- you can add 3 points to the int. of mage per level up while you can only add 2 points max to a cleric

Spell tips

- paralyze (for mages) is probably the most powerful spell (so far) that i see.. almost over-powered i think.. 'paralyze' creature, 2 front fighters hit, hit.. wash, repeat

- doesn't seem like there's much (at all!) of a penalty to mages/clerics having low str/dex.. so just keep increasing int/end.. (need some end because you have to walk through some traps that damage the whole party). Conversly, low int seems to have no bearing on fighters at all

- Attack spells: Sparks, Poison cloud, Harm undead, Fire blast, Fireball, Lightning bolt

- Healing/Blessing spells: Heal, Bless, Cure Poison, Cure Paralysis, Berserker, Raise Dead

- Other spells: Teleport, Paralyse, Detect Mind

- Clean Way spell: pushes back all monsters in the line of view - as far as it's possible. So it's very useful when you are in "hot" situation (surrounded with many-many ugly guys), like in the Home of Cold Blood.

Item tips

- it's more cost effective to buy lots of mana potions than healing potions. One small mana potion should be enough for several heals, but costs the same as a small heal potion.

- there are many items that are male/female specific - it's nice to have a mix of female/male in your party (i rec one female fighter/one male fighter)

- mages/clerics seem like they can wear normal armor, shields, everything (without penalty - which seems like a bummer actually), so stack em on. Everyone can also wear one necklace, one amulet (both)

- yeah, mages/clerics can wear shields, armors and heavy weapons - but with penalty! Just see they attributes when you pick up/down an item, and see the changes when you give it to a fighter

- Maigc resistance: well, every item which increases intelligence, is - in fact - a magic resistance-increaser item.

- Dragon Blades do the same damage for every other monster. Of course. But against undeads - no, of course. They halve all damage taken from "standard" weapons.

- the game contains better weapons than Dragon Blades.. Like a cool battle sword, or battle axe (gold, mithril, etc.) And the special super secret bonus Redshift weapon, of course.

Shopping/money tips

- make sure you grab/sell everything that you can.. more expensive stuff is available as you go from town1 to town2(2 sets of shop) to town3.

- if you sell something, try to search a costly place to get more money from that stuff

- items with no charges left can still be sold for money

- some shops open only at night, others only during the day

- the night-opening shop in Beraquel (World 2 town) is more expensive, but has better spells, and you can seel stuff for more

- semi-cheat: first make sure that a store has already been timed out for a restock (in simple terms it has been 12 hours since you last checked its items). Then go to the door but DO NOT click on the door yet. Save the game. Then Click on the store door, check the items, if you like it then fine, if not then RELOAD the save game and click on the door again.

Here is a short guide on what you should look for:

Amulets, Rings, Etc: (In 2nd Town):
+4 ANY (I think thats the max for stores)

Armour/Weapons: (In 3rd Town):
+5 ANY Look for mythril/ebony
A magical Ancient Shield does exists
A magical 10 ac Plate Armour exists
A magical 7 ac Ebony Plate Boots exists
Almost any combination are possible except for:
Ebony/Mithril Plate Shield
+6 Any Items
Ebony/Mithril Ancient Shield

Add-ons/Mission tips

I just noticed something going 'backwards'.. Morah's map is only accessible from the first teleporter in the first town..

Whereas the teleporters in the 2nd/3rd town allow you to go to any town, but don't pull up Morah's map..

Is that the way it's supposed to be, or.. should the extra add ons be accessible from any teleporter?

Yes, this map must work only from the first town. Because it's very easy...

Of course in the future when you create an add-on mission with the editor, you'll able to select to which town you want to connect it. It depends on the mission's difficulty, of course...

Hardware tips

- definitely make sure you CHARGE your t3 if you're playing.. seems like you can get a good 3-4 hr playing time on a charge, but you don't want to be playing and panicking because it auto-shuts down on you.

1. Make a backup of your saved games. It's not for/because the upgrade, just for sure. Please reply if you need more info how to backup from your pda to your desktop computer.
2. simply download the new version (from any source... handango, palmgear, redshift site, ...), and install it... the new version will overwrite the old one, BUT won't ever touch the saved games!

Future plans

- ranged weapons are planned, the forthcoming Mission Pack (what continues the storyline and contains the World Creator) will feature bows and arrows, as well as new spells, creatures, graphics, maps and many more

- Ah, and other thing what helps to the cleric in the future is a ranged weapon (bow & arrow) in his/her hand! We'll include it in the forthcoming mission pack. Because clerics have more chance to improve their "combat attributes", they can be cool to do that, right?

- stackable items, eg 10-potions-to-1 slot: the "stack items" function is a hard one (many possibility of bugs, hard testing needed), I think Legacy 1.04 will not feature this - but the later versions - like the mission pack - yes.

- deactivating floor switches

- rechargeable items

- The forthcoming expansion pack will continue the storyline - yes, what you choose in the end ("blue pill or red pill" ), will modify your adventures in the expansion pack.

- You better wait until the Legacy exp. pack, with that we'll release the World Creator with a full manual and some "example" maps to show every function of the Legacy engine. After that, I think you never will be unsatisfied. Everyone can make complete missions, and we'll put them to our Legacy page.

- male Battlemage

- Side quests: of course! There will be many. In the next month (february) we'll release the Offical Mission Pack to continue the storyline, with new graphics, monsters, maps, items, spells, etc. (this will cost below $10), and then the World Creator (for free), to let everyone make his own missions. And of course we also will make some small side quests (for free) and put them on our site. The first will be the Arena. This one will be released with Legacy 1.04, I think, on the next week.