Melbourne, Australia

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Sometimes a fiery redhead, at other times a sultry blonde... she has penetrating blue eyes and they will see through all your lies & misdemeanours.......

She is tall, 5ft8 in silk stockings and a statuesque 6ft2 in her fetish shoes. Measurements are 35"26"33" slim and busty, Mistress Layla is always stunning.

Mistress Layla is skilled in all the wicked crafts of the Female Domina. She has over six years experience beginning her training at one of America's Premier Doms, Mistress Tara of the Den of Iniquity in New York & refining her craft at Melbourne's Correction Centre. She is strictly non sexual - so don't ask!!!! Sensual torture is what you will find...

She is an excellent guide for beginners who are looking for a gentle introduction into B&D. Mistress Layla will not leave you scarred for life or put you off for good, by a bad experience with an uncompassionate Mistress.

Her extensive skills cover the whole range of BDSM. She can inflict cheek-reddening humiliation from light to extreme. CBT fans will delight in her wicked torments from the light to the truly savage!! Other specialties include water sports, pp, enemas, medical, forced fem, cling wrap, sensory deprivation, heavy bondage, latex..... all sorts of flogging, and also fire play -- but only with deserving slaves.
The cruel sting of hot candle wax on vulnerable flesh is a real favourite for this vicious vixen. Her role-play skills are intoxicating, from erotica to extreme cruelty.

Corporal punishment is definitely Mistress Layla's most enjoyable session from a spanking to heavy canings. She delights in kicking, punching, face slapping and spitting, while human ashtrays are more than welcome to have their humanity stripped.

Mistress Layla delights in using electricity and probes as well as heavy bondage & suspension, also sensory deprivation from heavy to light. The more unusual the fetish the better, fetishists will delight in her elegant pedicured toes. Those who prefer a nasty smoking woman will be left hanging on every breath.

Mistress Layla will indulge Masters in submissive sessions if they are as skilled in their art as she is in hers.
MASTERS PLEASE NOTE ...Of course you have to show some credibility and/or your experience or willing to learn of what a sub cab be built up to and respect their boundaries/limits, and check in etc...

Naughty schoolboys can expect no mercy from the searing cuts of Her cane. Those in need of discipline will not be disappointed...   Mistress Layla gives much thanks to the wordsmith who helped compile this description.... You know who you are... THANK YOU!! To organise a role-play/scenario feel free to email in advance to speed up the progress of sessions....

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