I dream to make my dream come true - With joyous abandon I throw myself into the scary, scary waters of being myself. - Will I sink - or swim?

I stopped drinking; I sold my car - to make myself safe


Thrice I swore to stop dreaming to be a woman
I promise to never promise
To stop dreaming and dressing to be woman.

I start by dressing up at home and taking photos.

  Rondono Island

Then I - shock! horror! - go out the front door - parties or into the city.

photos on railway station  
    party time

I take photos to remind me of my adventures when I go out; to remind me that no matter how male I might look; I have the photos to prove I'm a woman.

out in the big city  

Dare speak its name
which name?
transvestite? no - well - maybe yes
transsexual? no - well - maybe yes
gay? no - well - maybe yes


I work


I'm a best man


I need to be a woman. But I can't. Why do I want to be a woman?


Identity Quest
© Copyright Julie Peters 1999