dark clouds approach

First Communion Day

Visiting Rellys


Sharp clarity in how I see.

I was a deliciously happy child until someone told me I wasn't a girl; I just thought they were being mean.

They tell me I'm made of slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails and not sugar and spice and all things nice and so I can't have a pretty dress.

I know not to ask for a pretty dress they will laugh at me

WORRIED and STUTTERING M-m-m-mum told me b-b-boys don't grow up to be ladies. I f-f-f-felt sick for d-d-d-days .... d-d-d-dreams dashed! I dreamed that I was really a girl and they made a mistake

I made my first communion I didn't have a pretty white dress I loved my being-a-girl dream so much that I dreamt every it night; Every night ... every day

Falling Apart
© Copyright Julie Peters 1999

At St Joseph's

before Mass

Holy Communion Day