I stop taking photos - It's fun dressing up ... but ... ?
It's time for my head and heart to have a chat.

  talking heart to head  
Talking Heart to Head

Don't be stupid you can never be a woman
But it's what I want  
  It's stupid
I'm a woman  
  Bullshit! We have XY chromsones and a willy
It's what I want and I don't think I can cope much longer in this ridiculous situation  
  What are you talking about?
I'm sick of taking photos, of being obsessed. I'm sick of spending every spare moment of every day dressing up and taking stupid boring photos. Is this a life?  
  Well ... It sort of works ... doesn't it?
NO! Head, listen to me.  
  ... I have to, I suppose!?
I am just holding on. I am just keeping the lid on the pressure cooker. I'm just coping ... by not feeling ... not having emotions ... and that my dear head is not a life  
  But we're male .... you know, a bloke!
You're being too literal! You're so ... logical  
  And .. you're so emotional!
I'm your heart, and I'm sick of your domination.  
Look head ... I have an idea ... what if we swap a while  
We have to live together .... we are in the same body  
You must have noticed I'm stressed  
  That's an understatement!
Just get your act together!
If you don't admit that I can't live as a male - WE are going to come crashing down very soon  
  Well ... I don't really want to admit it but I suspect you're right.
Good. So here's my plan. We live as a cultural woman ... that will be good for me - and you can go around - telling everyone - that you're transgendered - and that will be logically accurate for you  
  That's true?!
And there's no need to get into feminist guilt - if you tell everyone you're transgendered - You won't be reinforcing stereotypes  
  I have to give you credit, Heart, you're a lot more logical - than I thought you were
And you head, are a lot more feeling - than I thought possible  
  Thanks .... I think?
What's there to lose?  
  My willy?
A small price to pay for your happiness and sanity. .. Deal?  
Friends for life!  
  Let's hope so!

Julie Peters: Reborn woman: October 1990, of her own free-will.

Philosphy, Goals and Reality
© Copyright Julie Peters 1999