Printed circuit board layouts for Gottlieb 60's style "spin relay"

A couple of years ago,I overhauled a friend's Gottlieb "Spin a Card" and one of the things not working properly was the spin relay.

The two printed circuit boards on this relay , A-8933 and A-8934 , were burnt to a crisp which meant the normal gameplay of the game was out the window.

To solve this dilemma , I made my own replacement PCBs. It's been a while since I made them but I think I used push in solder pins for the connections onto the PCBs. This is what they look like (from the topside) :

This is what the PCBs look like This is what the PCBs look like

This is the GOTTSPIN.DDB Protel 99SE database file for making your replacement PCBs.

Note that when viewing the PCBs in the file , it is viewed from the topside. This is why the text will look reversed.

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