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In 2002 there were protests around the world over the Israeli response to the second Intifada which started in 2000. Those of us Jews in Australia who were horrified by the ongoing Israeli attacks and murders in the occupied territories formulated a statement expressing our views. Below is our Statement:



We Australian Jews do not believe that the Israeli state is acting in the best interests of Jews - either in Israel or those who live in other parts of the world.

Israel's dispossession, discrimination against and murder of Palestinian people are crimes that should not be accepted by any human being. These crimes have also increased the insecurity of Jews everywhere.

We believe that the fundamental cause of the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people is the dispossession of the Palestinians and their oppression at the hand of the Israeli state.

We call for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli military forces from the West Bank and Gaza.

We call for a total Israeli withdrawal, including all settlements, from the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

We regard the equation of opposition to Israeli actions with antisemitism as preposterous.

We call on Jews everywhere (and everyone else) to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and to campaign for an immediate and total Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories.

(Letter below to The Age newspaper) dated 22 September 2003) Mannie De Saxe 2/12 Murphy Grove Preston Vic 3072 Phone:(03)9471 4878 email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au

Danny Lamm, president, State Zionist Council of Victoria, and Michael Lipshutz, president, Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) stated (12/9): “----there are two major communal roof bodies of the Jewish community in Victoria, each with a strong democratic tradition and elected leaders.” Democratic? Elected?

Two groups with whom I am associated, Jews against Oppression and Occupation (JAOO), and Lesbian and Gay Solidarity (LGS), did not democratically elect either of these people to their positions.

Neither of these groups voted for either of these people, and, I believe, when a Jewish gay group applied for membership of the JCCV, they were rejected.

When groups such as JAOO state their responses to the Israel/Palestine conflict, they are called anti-semitic Jews.

Of the approximately 100,000 people who identify themselves as Jews in Australia, probably about 40,000 live in Victoria.

How many Jews actually democratically elected either of these two people to their positions, and how dare they even presume to speak for me? I didn't vote for them and I am not aware that there were democratic elections for either of their positions.

Mannie De Saxe

The above letter was not printed by the editor of The Age newspaper. This is not surprising as he was previously the editor of the Australian Jewish News (AJN)! So the contents of the letter attack those organisations which he supported in his role as editor of the AJN.

(Letter below to the Australian Jewish News sent 6 October 2003) Mannie De Saxe, Jews Against Oppression and Occupation (JAOO), 2/12 Murphy Grove, Preston, Vic 3072 Phone:(03)9471 4878 email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au

According to the World Jewish Congress (WJC), in 1998 there were an estimated 13 million Jews world-wide. About 5 million live in Israel. The other 8 million are spread throughout the other countries, the USA having about 6 million.

Presumably the 8 million don't go to live in Israel because they don't want to. Why don't they want to? Reading the Australian Jewish News you could be forgiven for thinking you were reading the Australian Zionist News.

Michael Parasol (AJN 26 September) and Jacob Sztokman (AJN 3 October) have criticised Vivienne Porszolt's comments about the “Berlin Wall” being built in Israel and the occupied territories and state her views are “morally offensive and factually inaccurate”.

Sztokman says he was on reserve duty in Gaza in 2001 and 2002, but apparently not in 2003.

Parasol states that “the only ones letting us down are ignorant idealists like you, who open their mouths from Sydney and not Jerusalem.”

Sztokman's address is Caulfield and Parasol's is St Kilda. Neither of these addresses is in Israel - both are in Melbourne, Australia.

Vivienne Porszolt's comments reflect what many of us feel about the Israeli government's war against the Palestinians. The “Wall” is just another apartheid measure, and it would be more honest of the Israeli government to occupy the “occupied territories totally, once and for all, so that those of us NOT living in Israel will really see their true motivation - the original Palestine become the new Israel.

For the rest, put up or shut up! Porszolt is entitled to her analyses as are others, and they carry the same weight - we supposedly still live in a democracy!

Mannie De Saxe

The letter above was sent to the Australian Jewish News and was published on 24 October 2003 with the items in italics censored out.

rally in Melbourne

On 16 October 2003 Vivienne Porzsolt from the Sydney group Jews against the Occupation read the following essay on ABC Radio National's Perspective programme at 5.55pm:



Daily in the media we are presented with images of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of fanatical extremes. We are shown ultra-Orthodox Jews violently resisting the efforts of the IDF to remove a few tents, an illegal so-called outpost in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; Palestinians are shown, equally fanatical, demanding revenge. Conflict without end, eternal enemies, it seems. It is true that recent events give little ground for hope: The recent very dangerous decision by the Israeli cabinet to seek the ‘removal’ of President Arafat as a ‘barrier to peace’; the construction of the Separation Wall, 10 metres high in places, through Palestinian land; the resumption of suicide killings by some Palestinian factions after the unprecedented cease-fire.

However, a more rounded presentation of the conflict in our media would let us know that a peaceful outcome is not impossible.

We are not shown the positive examples of dialogue and joint action for peace by Palestinians and Israelis, by Arab, Palestinian and Jewish Australians.

Many of the participants in the Palestinian-led International Solidarity Movement are Jewish. These brave peace activists with an absolute commitment to non-violent resistance, place themselves in the path of Israeli Defence Force bulldozers to prevent them destroying Palestinian homes whether occupied or not. Members of ISM have been arrested and are currently denied bail . They are deemed by Israeli officialdom as "great dangers to state security."

The nearly 1200 Israelis who, in various degrees, are resisting military service in the Occupied Palestinian Territories receive little publicity in our media. Many of these have been repeatedly jailed. Now reserve Israeli pilots are saying ‘No’ to targeted assassinations of Palestinian leaders.

Joint parties of Israelis and Palestinians regularly go to assist replanting olive groves and other crops uprooted by the IDF or the Israeli settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The Parents’ Circle, is an organisation of the parents of 250 Israeli and 200 Palestinian families who have lost their loved ones to terror or invasion. They are united in seeking alternatives to violence to solve the conflict. What do we hear about this in our media?

Earlier this year, an Israeli-Palestinian Action Group for Peace was established. This is led by prominent Israelis and Palestinians. They include Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Assembly and former negotiator with Israeli representatives, now winner of the Sydney Peace Prize, and Israeli writer and journalist, Uri Avnery. This development has not been reported in our media.

Who knows, for instance, of the declaration ‘Our Jerusalem’? This was based on the words of the late Palestinian leader, Feisal Husseini at a joint Israeli/Palestinian rally. It was drafted by veteran Israeli peace activist, Uri Avnery into a declaration to demonstrate the shared history of Jerusalem between Jews and Arabs and many other peoples. It goes like this:

Jerusalem is ours, Israelis and Palestinians - Muslims, Christian and Jews. Our Jerusalem is a mosaic of all the cultures, all the religions and all the periods that enriched the city, from the earliest antiquity to this very day - Canaanites and Jebusites and Israelites- Jews and Hellenes, Romans and Byzantines, Christians and Muslims, Arabs and Mamelukes, Othmanlis and Britons, Palestinians and Israelis. They and all the others who made their contribution to the city have a place in the spiritual and physical landscape of Jerusalem. Our Jerusalem must be united, open to all and belonging to all its inhabitants, without borders and barbed-wire in its midst.

Our Jerusalem must be the capital of the two states that will live side by side in this country - West Jerusalem the capital of the State of Israel and East Jerusalem the capital of the State of Palestine. Our Jerusalem must be the Capital of Peace

Who can not be moved at this shared vision of inclusive entitlement and heritage?

There are active Jewish peace groups around Australia – Jews for a Just Peace in Melbourne and Jews against the Occupation in Sydney. These groups work for peace security and independence for both Israelis and Palestinians. Their voices need to be heard also.

One result of the failure of the media to present this diversity is that political leaders in Australia are responding very one-sidedly to the conflict, reflecting only Israeli government and US views – it cannot be resolved in this one-sided, myopic way. Australia could make a positive contribution to a just resolution of the conflict by basing its policy on a more inclusive understanding of the issues. Political parties need to listen to all voices both among their members and in the broader community and our media should be reflecting these.

Vivienne Porzsolt
Jews against the Occupation

Another issue which has disgraced the Israeli and international scene has been the prolonged incarceration of MORDECHAI VANUNU, the Israeli nuclear whistle blower.

For more information and to assist in the international campaign to obtain freedom for Vanunu, here is a link to the web page of the US campaign:

Free Mordechai Vanunu - Nuclear Whistle Blower

A news item about Mordechai Vanunu on television on 12 February 2004 spoke about the fact that Vanunu's release was imminent. However, there was an implication that the Israeli government would do everything in its power to prevent his release into the general community for fear of what other revelations he could make about Israel's nuclear capabilities.

The fact that Vanunu has been incarcerated for nearly 18 years and has not had access to any recent developments makes a mockery of the government's stance.

Apart from everything else, the Israeli government claims to be the only democracy in the middle east, but all its actions point in the opposite direction.

And more and more it looks like a military religious dictatorship.

The following letter was sent to the Australian Jewish News on 20 October 2003 but was not published:

Mannie De Saxe, Jews against Oppression and Occupation

PO Box 1675 Preston South Vic 3072 Phone:(03)9471 4878

email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au

Thank goodness there are still some people around Australia who can see beyond the Zionist rhetoric!

Bob Carr is not the most liberal of politicians in Australia, so he is all the more to be congratulated for awarding the Sydney Peace Foundation's $50 000 prize to Dr Hanan Ashrawi. It is a great pity that the rest of the Australian politicians and the Zionists who support them are so short-sighted as to not realise that it is through people such as Dr Ashrawi that the future of Israel and Palestine depends. More strength to them all!

Mannie De Saxe

Sydney University, Sydney, NSW 2006


Wednesday, 29 October 2003

Dear Vice-Chancellor Gavin Brown,

The Chancellor, Justice Santow, was wrong earlier this year to have indicated that the Great Hall of Sydney University would be closed if Dr Hanan Ashrawi of Palestine was honoured with the 2003 Sydney Peace Prize.

You were equally wrong to have confirmed Chancellor Santow's discriminatory decision to close the Great Hall which has been the venue for the annual Peace Foundation Lecture and Award ceremony for previous winners.

When we think back we remember that Sydney University played host to the present Pope on his first visit to Australia and yet he has done much less about ending the conflict between the religious factions in Eire and Northern Ireland than Dr Ashrawi has done to solve the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine. A little independent research will reveal just how significant Dr Ashrawi has been in seeking a peaceful solution and is continuing to do so.

We consider that you and the Chancellor should admit that you were wrong and publicly apologise to Professor Stuart Rees and Dr Hanan Ashrawi when she receives the award at the New South Wales Parliament House function.

Kendall Lovett,

for Lesbian and Gay Solidarity (Melbourne)

PO Box 1675, Preston South, Vic 3072

email: kenjos_at_pacific_net_au

The Vice-Chancellor of Sydney University replied as follows:

The letter below was sent to The Age, Sunday Age and Australian Jewish News newspapers. The only paper to publish it was the Sunday Age in its 16 November 2003 edition. The only alteration to the original submission was done at the request of the letters editor of the Sunday Age, and is shown at the bottom of the letter in italics.

Mannie De Saxe 2/12 Murphy Grove Preston Vic 3072 Phone:(03)9471 4878 email:josken_at_zipworld_com_au

Sunday 9 November 2003

The unbelievably hysterical outburst by members of the Australian Jewish community over the visit of Palestinian Dr Hanan Ashrawi to receive the Sydney Peace Prize awarded to her by the Sydney Peace Foundation has only been matched in recent years by the outbursts against proposed visits to Australia by David Irving, revisionist Holocaust historian.

The “leaders” of the pack have been the so-called “leaders” of Jewish organisations in Australia and the media, both Jewish and non-Jewish. The Jewish media, specifically the Melbourne editor of the Australian Jewish News, have set a benchmark in intolerance, distortion and selective quotes from Ashrawi's speeches and actions in past years.

The Melbourne AJN editor, in his weekly column on 7 November 2003 stated: “Unfortunately, the vast coverage in the mainstream media has focussed on the Jewish response - as opposed to the real issue at hand, which is Dr Ashrawi's dubious credentials for the prize.”

Oh, really? Dubious? No one knows better the reality of the situation in the occupied territories than Dr Ashrawi - after all, she lives there all the time, yet we have Jewish media and “leaders” telling Australian Jews what a terrible mistake the awarding of a “peace” prize is to Ashrawi.

It is interesting to note what is NOT quoted in Australia - the support people like Ashrawi have from Israelis and Palestinians for her outspoken statements and collaboration with Israeli Jews and Palestinians in their efforts to end the deadlock created by the Israeli and US governments in achieving statehood for the Palestinian people.

The hysterical Jews in Australia should take a step back and look at themselves - if they are so passionate about Israel they have every right to go and live there and defend what they are screaming their heads off about - the survival of a Zionist Israeli state in a post- Zionist world developing around them!

About a year ago a group of like-minded Jews in Australia formulated a statement clarifying their position in relation to the conflict in Israel and Palestine. We signed our statement "Jews Against Oppression and Occupation".

Mannie De Saxe, Preston

The letter below was sent to the Independent OnLine (IOL) in South Africa on 1 March 2004. It was written in response to several letters attacking a letter-writer who is Jewish and lives in the USA and who wrote about anti-semitism. Some of the attacking letter-writers failed to ascertain that the original letter was written by somebody who is also Jewish.

Mannie De Saxe, PO Box 1675, Preston South, Vic 3072, Australia, 61 3 9471 4878

email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au

It has been estimated that there are about 13 million Jews in the world at the moment, of whom about 5 to 6 million live in Israel.

I have just read an essay by Ephraim Nimni, an Israeli living and working in Sydney, Australia at the moment. Nimni's essay is in a book he has edited called "Post-Zionism" and has essays by other leading Israeli and other academics.

Nimni estimates that about 20% of Israelis are now living in countries other than Israel. What constitutes an Israeli? What constitutes being a Jew? I am Jewish, born in South Africa, now living in Australia.

Under no circumstances do I identify with what Israel under its current Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, is doing in relation to Palestine and the Palestinians.

Am I then an anti-semitic Jew because I am anti-Zionist? Am I an anti-semitic Jew because I don't go and live in Israel? I don't think so!

Anti-semitism has been around for as long as christianity, and has been responsible for countless millions of Jewish deaths long before Hitler killed 6 million.

The question needing answering is, why do so many Jews continue to live in the diaspora when they could go to Israel and help to fight for the survival of the Zionist state?

The threat to Jews living in most so-called western democracies of another disaster of the Holocaust variety is very slender indeed, and if push came to shove, Israel would be neither willing nor able to take in 8 million Jews clamouring at its doors. Nor would there be 8 million Jews clamouring! So why all these unbelievable attacks on people who are critical of Sharon and the Israeli government.

The Israeli government has shown itself to be as ruthless as the next state when it comes to oppression - just look at its apartheid Berlin wall - being built deep into Palestinian territory. And apartheid is carried on in Israel by the Israelis who are Jewish against Israelis who are not Jewish. I could go on and on, but there is no point. These arguments are not going to solve the problem of Israel/Palestine.

The solution lies in a post-apartheid South African type state in which several different and diverse ethnic groups live together as one nation. Let us hope that one day this will be achieved and peace will come to that much- troubled small piece of land known as Palestine until 1948.

Mannie De Saxe

The letter below was sent to the Independent OnLine (IOL) on 20 May 2004.What followed was an unbelievable amount of filth from people who are presumed to be Jewish but who are also presumed to be amongst the 8 million Jews who choose NOT to live in Israel, but choose to attack every other Jew who does not worship their given god - Israel!!

All the items of attack will appear below my letter.

Topic: The Middle East

Mannie De Saxe (josken_at_zipworld_com_au) wrote:

Letter Subject: World should unite to condemn Israel

Letter date: 2004-05-20 14:38:53

The indiscriminate destruction of Palestine by the Israelis is an act of genocide, the likes of which we have seen in other contexts and have been equally horrified by. If the USA and its client state Israel are not stopped - and this is the difficulty - from destroying what is left of Gaza and the West Bank, Israel will have achieved its primary objective which is to destroy Palestine and the Palestinians once and for all and incorporate these territories as greater Israel.

This is what Sharon and his government have been working towards since Sharon became Prime Minister of Israel. Unless and until the rest of the world unites in condemnation and actually does something to stop this unbridled destruction which makes the Iraqi adventure seem like a Sunday school picnic by comparison, Palestine and the Palestinians will become a footnote in history and another genocide will be recorded in which the world sat and watched in silence.

This letter appeared in the columns of the IOL in response to my letter above. Whatever the views of the letter writer, at least the letter appeared in a public forum and was signed by the writer of the letter:

Topic: The Middle East


Gary Smith ( wrote:

Letter Subject: World should unite to condemn Israel: response

Letter date: 2004-05-21 15:13:50

Why is it that the PLO still has as its emblem a flag of the whole of Israel? Arafat is regularly quoted as saying that their fight is for the complete takeover of Israel. Fatah, Hamas and the like have as their stated charter the destruction of Israel. How do you negotiate with someone who wants you dead?

What about the rights of Israeli citizens? When a bus is blown up, what should Israel do? Send in suicide bombers to blow up a Palestinian bus, mall etc? People always neglect to mention that the last ceasefire lasted only because of Israeli efforts, despite attacks from Hamas and the like - until a suicide bomber succeeded. Israel had practiced restraint.

What is more destructive than a terrorist strapped with explosives and nails to cause maximum death? What about recent attempts to blow up chemical plants? An F16 smart bomb is less indiscriminate than a human bomb. Over 77% of Palestinians support suicide attacks on Israel aimed at mass murder. What about the fraud and corruption of Arafat that has siphoned off over $500 million to his own accounts? In terms of aid, Israel donates more than all the Arab states combined. Many continue to earn their livelihood in Israel. Why? Why should Israel have the obligation to finance these people? But they do.

A Palestinian state was a reality until Arafat pulled out, and started the Intifada and the truth is that it was a planned response, two years in the making. The bottom line is that Arab leadership across the whole Middle East have no intention of a peace settlement, they want Israel gone.

We forget that a large number of Palestinian deaths have been at the hands of their own people, that the UN and other human rights watch organizations have criticized the use of children and civilians as human shields, press organizations have criticized intimidation of journalists, the Red Cross has criticized the use of ambulances to transport combatants, all international groups have criticized suppression of human rights by the PLO. We forget that those people killed in the targeted killings of terrorists are actually sheltering these people.

Peace in the Middle East will come when Arab leaders abandon their quest for the destruction of Israel and recognize the right of Israel to exist. They must unequivocally support the right of Israel to exist.

Two reponses were sent as personal emails to me, with one, at least, giving his details, and being someone who has in any event written to IOL previously and so is not afraid to publicly provide details of himself. In view of the fact that it was a personal email, I do not intend to publish it here. The second one is worthy of Hitler's minister of disinformation, Josef Goebbels, and is full of smears and innuendos. These consist of homophobia, sexism, racism, vilification and just plain filth. The writer, if such he can be called - and I say he advisedly - hasn't even got the courage of his convictions to sign his name on his email! What a coward! How pathetic!

(This was my response to the pathetic email!)

Nothing is as self-hating as a person who hasn't got the courage of their convictions to sign their name at the bottom of their abusive letter. If you gave some considered arguments, one could have a rational discussion about the issues, but as you haven't got the courage to do that, there is not much point in wasting any further time and effort in responding to your adolescent ravings.

Mannie De Saxe

On 21 May 2004 at 21:53, wrote:

Instead of writing your poisen pen anti Israel e-mails to IOL you should rather concentrate on persuing your bendy-bum gay life-style. Why you as a Yid find satisfaction in encouraging us Goys to hate Israel and Jews ( you cannot divide them)is beyond me. Probably because I believe in your Torah it is a sin to follow the chosen sexual life-style you persue. I have discussed with numerous of my Jewish friends how it is possible with the history of anti-Semitism, that a Jew like you can through your publications encourage the World to bash Israel and Jews. You may claim that Israel and the Jews living out of that country are not the same issue, that you can bash the one and not the other but believe me that is not the case.

===== The WatchDog Does Not Sleep

Now here we have a coward who is so craven he breaks copyright just so he can tell lies - blatantly - and hides behind the anonymity of his web site which is called Masada2000 and in which he lists all those "left wing self-hating Jews" with his acronym "Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening LIST". Note that the letters from those words form the word "SHIT" and Rocky, the coward, who has no email address on his web pages, calls his alphabetical list his SHIT LIST. Again he out-Goebbels Goebbels, showing that those who don't accept the zionist "love Israel and don't dare to criticize Israel" line are outcasts in the Jewish world.

However, the most notable thing of all is that nearly all of the Jewish/Zionist slander sites are outside Israel, because the web site owners haven't got the courage of their convictions - a cowardly lot indeed!

What is more, "Rocky" of Masada2000 gives details of various people, non-Jews and black Jews who have died fighting for Israel, but doesn't give details of those Jews, presumably like himself, who AREN'T fighting for "their" homeland!

"Rocky's" slanderous and libellous "biography" below of Mannie De Saxe has certain sentences in red and blue to emphasise "Rocky's" hate processes and to emphasise the lies he has propagated about people about whom he knows NOTHING WHATSOEVER!

Ken, DC, Mannie

Mannie De Saxe (right)  with homosexual lover).

De Saxe, Mannie  This ASouth African Jew is a member in good standing with the Australian Jews for Democratic Socialism . [In other words, he a "commie"] He's also the organizer of anti-Israel activity in Australia. For example De Saxe is the chair of Jews Against Oppression and Occupation .  De Saxe see no need for a Jewish State and feels that it would be better to form a single nation where Jews and such wonderful people as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Arafat's PLO and Fatah and those fine kids in Gaza can all live together in peace and harmony.... the kind of peace and harmony Arabs have never found among themselves!  He explained, "The solution lies in a post-apartheid South African type state in which several different and diverse ethnic groups live together as one nation."  Makes us wonder what planet De Saxe is from or does he have any limits on his marijuana consumption.  And speaking of sucking up stuff, he's also a founding member of Lesbian and Gay Solidarity - Melbourne .

       Meanwhile, back to Israel, where you will find the ONLY nation within a thousand miles that has an annual gay pride parade along Jerusalem's streets. De Saxe may talk the talk when it comes to gay and lesbian rights but he walks the walk with Arabs who murder and oppress homosexuals. So, not only is De Saxe a pitiful Self-Hating Israel-Threatening weasel, he's also a damn fraud!

    He continues, "The Israeli government has shown itself to be as ruthless as the next state when it comes to oppression."  Well, let's see who the "next states" are: Syria which murders its own population, Iraq, which tortured, raped and gassed its own population, Lebanon, which murdered and raped its Christian population nearly out of existence, Saudi Arabia, home of Al Qaeda and international terrorism, etc... In comparison, Israel is truly a light among nations!

    And, of course, a condemnation by a South African would be incomplete without some reference to Apartheid. Thus, he writes, "Apartheid is carried on in Israel by the Israelis who are Jewish against Israelis who are not Jewish" and "just look at its apartheid Berlin wall." Tune in next week when we're sure De Saxe will make it a tri-fecta and refer to Israel's security fence as  "the apartheid, Berlin, Great Wall of China wall."     In conclusion, Minnie De Saxe has a message for concerned Jews. "We Australian Jews do not believe that the Israeli state is acting in the best interests of Jews - either in Israel or those who live in other parts of the world... the hysterical Jews in Australia should take a step back and look at themselves - if they are so passionate about Israel they have every right to go and live there and defend what they are screaming their heads off about!" Likewise, Mannie De Saxe, we say to you, "Why don't YOU stop screaming YOUR head off in support of the Arab murderers of Jews and go to "Palestine." [Don't expect a travel agent to find "Palestine!" However, if you manage to, be sure to visit the police station in Ramallah and say in a very clear voice, "Shalom, I am a Jew."

The letter below was written to the Australian Jewish News (AJN) in response to a letter from a religious Jew who wrote in response to Jackie Stricker and her article on gay and lesbian marriage. It is so homophobic that she had to spew her religious hatred and prejudice out in a letter to the AJN.

To Danny Gocs in Melbourne ( or Vic Alhadeff in Sydney (

Subject: Gay Marriages

Date sent: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 00:05:48 +1000

Dear Marsha Foxman (AJN 25 June 2004), it really is irrelevant that your Torah considers homosexuality an abomination.

Nobody is flaunting their sexuality, merely homosexual people fighting for equal human rights with heterosexuals, rights which are denied because of the outdated, outmoded and homophobic religious biblical incantations spewed with hatred by the likes of you and your fellow fanatical fundamentalists.

You would probably be horrified to discover that members of your family or people who have been your friends have in their midst some -shock! horror!! homosexuals!!!

I do not believe in marriage as an institution, either for heterosexuals or homosexuals, but in order for people to have equal rights under the law, without discrimination of any sort, homosexuals are as entitled to marriage as heterosexuals.

As a matter of concern to you with your religious prejudices, you should be worried at the statistics of marriages, divorces, and the resulting effects of children ending up in single parent homes. I agree with your statement that God, Judaism and mankind have never consented to marriages - after all, didn't so many of your biblical heroes - males - have several wives?? and God is a male construct anyway!

Mannie De Saxe, Lesbian and Gay Solidarity Melbourne,

PO Box 1675

Preston South

Vic 3072

Phone:(03)9471 4878

The following letter was sent to the Australian Jewish News on 1 July 2004 in response to attacks made by Colin Rubenstein against Margo Kingston and Antony Loewenstein because he dared to write an article for the book on the Hanan Ashrawi affair and she dared to publish it in her book, "NOT HAPPY, JOHN".

Mannie De Saxe PO Box 1675 Preston South Vic 3072 Phone:(03) 9471 4878 email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au web:

Dr Colin Rubenstein is quoted in an article in the AJN (25 June 2004), criticisizing Margo Kingston and Antony Lowenstein because they “----utterly fail to dent in any way the factual case made by AIJAC, the AJN and all mainstream Jewish bodies that Hanan Ashrawi was an inappropriate recipient for a peace prize ------”.

There are approximately 100,000 Jews in Australia. Not all are zionists, not all accept the “facts” as presented to them by self-styled, so-called representatives of the “mainstream” Jewish/zionist organisations.

Strangely enough, there are still large numbers of Jews in Australia who interpret the “facts” differently, and come to different conclusions, and I and many others are sick and tired of having “their facts” quoted at us as being the mainstream, and the only acceptable answers to the Israel/Palestine problem.

After Rubenstein and others of his ilk have registered to have votes cast for these bodies by the Australian Electoral Commission and ensured that 100% of the Australian Jewish population have cast their votes should he dare to make his presumptuous assumptions, and draw his equally presumptuous - and outrageously arrogant - conclusions.

1 AUGUST 2004

The following letter was sent to the Australian Jewish News and has not been published. Fortunately Antony Loewenstein has published it on the web blog Not Happy John, so it will get an airing in a different forum.

Mannie De Saxe PO Box 1675 Preston South Vic 3072 Phone:(03)9471 4878

email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au web:

1 August 2004

The last three editions of the AJN have six letters attacking Antony Loewenstein for his article in the AJN (9 July 2004) and his chapter in Margo Kingston's book, "Not Happy, John". One wrote that Loewenstein's sole defender in the AJN is his girl friend! No letters in the AJN have been published supporting the Loewenstein arguments. All the attacking letters have Australian addresses. Israel is desperately attempting to get Diaspora Jews to "fight the good fight" there, especially from France because of the rise in anti-Semitism.

How do people like Rubenstein and Danby know how many of the 100,000 Jews in Australia are zionists? They do not speak for all of us.

If the AJN was truly the Australian Jewish News, it would give those Jews who are Jewish and not self-hating - as some zionists call us - space in its letters columns to agree with Antony Loewenstein and express our views on Israel/Palestine, anti- Semitism and the Ashrawi affair. Otherwise censorship and apartheid are alive and well.

Mannie De Saxe, Jews Against Oppression and Occupation

31 AUGUST 2004

This letter was sent to the Australian Jewish News in Melbourne and Sydney, but was, of course, not published!

Mannie De Saxe PO Box 1675 Preston South Vic 3072

Phone:(03)9471 4878 email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au web:

31 August 2004

It's time for an analysis of the Sydney and Melbourne editions of the AJN and what they each publish and what constituencies they represent.

Starting with the 23 July editions: in Outlook page 19 of the Sydney edition 5 of the six letters printed were from Melbourne, one of which was from the federal ALP member for Melbourne Ports/Israel. On the equivalent page 15 of the Melbourne edition there were seven letters, 5 from Sydney, one from the ACT and one from Melbourne and no letter from the ALP Member for Melbourne Ports/Israel.

Now to the 6 August editions: in Outlook page 15 of the Sydney edition there were 12 letters, 6 from Melbourne, one of which was from the federal ALP member for Melbourne Ports/Israel, 5 from Sydney and one from Queensland. In the Melbourne Outlook page 15, of the 8 letters, 2 were from Sydney, 4 were from Melbourne and one each from New Zealand and the USA.

The next part of the analysis shows that the two letters from the ALP Member for Melbourne Ports/Israel in the Sydney edition are almost identical, one printed two weeks after the other, and both attacking Antony Loewenstein (and others), in which Michael Danby, who has obviously done some considerable analysis of the 100,000 Jews in the Australian population claims that Loewenstein is a non-entity who represents a telephone-box group of Jewish Australians.

This is quite a dramatic claim for a member of the Federal Parliament to make without any substantiation.

Then in the 6 August Sydney edition is a letter responding to a previous letter of mine which was published in the Melbourne edition, but I didn't see the Marsha Foxman letter of reply because it was not in the Melbourne edition.

What perturbs me most in the above analysis is that people such as members of parliament are given space in your columns for vicious and outrageous attacks and then letter writers who refute these statements are denied right of reply.

I interpret this as censorship equivalent to some of the worst I experienced in my 50 years of living in South Africa, half of them under the apartheid regime.

What is the Australian Jewish News afraid of? Or is it the fact that ownership of the paper dictates policy and direction and there is no editorial independence, just as there is no editorial independence in the Murdoch, Packer and Fairfax media.

Are we being muzzled, and if so, why? Homophobia and zionism rule the roost and no unpleasant contradictory views are to be permitted. If this isn't censorship, what is it?

Mannie De Saxe, Lesbian and Gay Solidarity, Melbourne, and Jews Against Oppression and Occupation.

11 NOVEMBER 2004

"Democratic" Israel has done it again! Mordechai Vanunu was arrested on the day of Yasser Arafat's death. A coincidence? Well, it certainly needs some analysis. Why arrest Vanunu on some trumped-up charges and release him again on the same day. The story that Vanunu has revealed more information to the media is just so much nonsense. After 18 years in an Israeli prison, 11 of them in solitary confinement, this arrest was something of a travesty of justice. But then the Israelis are very good at that, as we know.

When are they going to release Vanunu from his prison at St George's Cathedral and allow him to leave the country which he has no reason to love after its behaviour towards him over a 20-year period?

But then the Israelis do as they like because they have the support of the USA without question, as they are a US client state in the region, which helps the USA to establish its extended bridgehead across the oil-rich areas of the Middle East.

For more information and the latest on the Vanunu front, go to The US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu

13 JULY 2005

Letter below written to The Age on 13 July 2005 and of course not printed - too hot to handle!!

Mannie De Saxe 2/12 Murphy Grove Preston

Vic 3072 Phone:(03) 9471 4878 email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au

Some people have short memories, Karl (Killen - letters, 13/7), but some of us remember that Germany's war killed millions - Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, Poles and Russians (who also killed Jews) and other "untermenschen" for the benefit of the Third Reich.

War is brutal and criminal and all sides commit criminal acts during war time. The war of 1939-1945 was started by Hitler and aided and abetted by the USA, UK and others in order to stop the spread of communism (or Stalinism) throughout the world (and probably to help get rid of all those pesky Jews everywhere in the world!).

By the time Hitler bombed British cities he had caused devastation in all the countries he had invaded, and the devastation continued to the bitter end.

Terror is terror, and no amount of saying who did what to whom will sanitise the issue. The holocaust terror was one which we should not forget, nor allow any others to forget about the genocides which continue unabated into the 21st century.

United Nations? What nations are united?

Mannie De Saxe, Jew and homosexual

email: josken_at_zipworld_com_au

web:Mannie and Kendall's Home Pages

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