Mullets at play

What creek is that
This is really weird
roundabt_t.jpg (1954 bytes)
A roundabout out here ??
fishaliser_t.jpg (2557 bytes)
Something Fishy ere
Dont loose your tooth here!
A Tooth Fairy convention?
What must this crew be thinking
What must this crew be thinking (Rocky)
Welcome to fairyland
What are these fairies up to? (Lights)
Where can we hide
Found these three down the road
The Men In Black are here!
Who are these 2 Men in Black
Caution dangerous area ahead
What's a section 51?
Hey they have crashed
What the XXXX?
Crashed aliens 4
I think it came down from there!
Who claims responsibility?
So the're responsible!
A good mullet control
This is how a control should be set up!
Crashed aliens 1
If there's a phone around we could Phone Home
Crashed aliens 2
Whats the NRMA's number
Crashed aliens 3
We could just hitch hike!
Have a look in here !!!!!!
Quick! Check this out
get to that car quick
Quick decend on that car!
There it was
Look! It was there I can see the slime!
What's a DIL
Does the number plate tell us something?
this is serious
This is no laughing matter!
Its in there
Is there something in there?