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Barbarella and Mala Karim

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The Traken Temple Dancers

Bellydancers for your special occasion Bellydance - an image of mysterious veiled dancing women of the middle east. But Traken Temple Dancers are something more! Music is the driving force of our life. We could be green painted Orion Slave Dancers from Star Trek! We could be spoils of war, stolen from the Holy Lands during the Crusades. We could be Bedouin nomadss dancing around a campfire. You will be stolen away to foreign lands on our musical journey. Enter the realm of the dancer and live our dreams with us! Barbarella and Mala Karim have been bellydancers since 1990. Specialising in Folk, Egyptian Cabaret and modern Bellydance styles. Together, Barbarella and Mala Karim are the Traken Temple Dancers. They have entertained from small private partied to large corporate dinners, medieval tournaments and banquets, folk festivals exhibition openings and weddings. Because they cater for individual occassions, the Traken Temple Dancers have danced for such diverse events as Interstate Corporate Christmas parties to Star Trek conventions. Mala Karim teaches regularly in the Brisbane city. Both also teach by appointment and can teach and organise bellydance workshops.

To make a booking, call Barbarella on 0408 076 640 or
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Mala Karim on (07) 3359 7661 or
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