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Medical Warnings Facts

Alzheimer's Scam

The isolating of an executor of a Last Will and Testament of a person with dementia, then engineering a new Will leaving all to oneself. Easy as pie in Australia. The victims may be your patients so be aware of this type of scam and the shocking consequences for victims.

Medical Links


In particular the states of mind of those into power. (Conclusions of psycholegalanalysis.)


A new science for psychiatrists who have those into law as patients. Also to download the CMPL. (Clinical Manual of Psycholegalanalysis)


A form of PTSD but much worse that affects innocent victims of protection court orders or similar. Click for definition, diagnosis and treatment information.

Divorce/Separation in third stage of life normal

Psycholegalanalysis, which is a technique, concludes that once children are grown, for some couples separation is the natural course of action.


This may be an eating disorder in some people who are Vegans.

Geriatric what?

Is it time to ban geriatric specialists from writing reports for lawyers?

Medical Religious Science

What is that? This is for psychiatrists - information about God unlike any you have ever come across.

The Young Conditioned to accept debt as a way of life?

Watch our for danger signs such as stress this causes.

World Wide Medical Warnings

(1) protection court orders can also be used to protect child sexual abuse - Australian case study but likely applies to other countries

(Research reference Australian NSW Supreme Court Case Number 2010/83570)

Always examine a frail elderly or a young child protected by a court order. Refer Alzheimer’s Scam Report or Medical Warning Facts for physicians. In Australia these court orders are known as AVOs, intended to protect a person from violence, but in fact are obtained through legal firms and no reason is required and these are used for a number of legal fraud/scams and also can be used to protect child sexual abuse. Refer explanation of NSW Supreme Court case number 2010/83570 in the document titled Psycholegalshock and in the Alzheimer’s Scam report. This is unlikely to be solely an Australian Anglo-Saxon legal mentality. Psycholegalanalysis (explained herein) suggests that delusional thinking, magical thinking, and distortions of reality in magistrates, judges, tribunal members, and such persons, may be the norm not the exception. Note that it is clear from the court case mentioned that some Supreme Court judges will write decisions in such a way as to protect “buddies” (law firms, lawyers) who arrange legal fraud. You can also download a short movie which conveys the principle (right click here or on picture of movie and select Save Target As ). Also refer document titled Psycholegalshock.

(2) cutting off money supply to those in need, and watch out for serious depression and suicide ideation and psychiatric symptoms in those who have no work - Australian case study but likely applies to other countries

(Research continuing)

In Australia those who can not find work apply for what is known as Newstart Allowance. A low fortnightly benefit - most people on this allowance would need to pay rent and the reason this reduces to a very low amount after rent. Part of the requirement is to attend fortnightly interviews and to apply for 10 jobs a fortnight. Our research is clear that those interviews for the over 45’s are meaningless and pointless - a waste of time and absolutely frustrating to people. Also expensive, relative to the income, to travel to. There is unlikely to be 10 jobs a year for certain age or skill groups, such as over 45, let alone a fortnight. If a person fails to attend one of these totally meaningless and pointless interviews designed, as it seems, to make some employment agencies wealthy, the welfare is cut off. This without any consideration if a person will thus lack money for medicine, or food, or power, or such basic essentials. This is endangering human life which is a criminal offence. This continual harassment and intimidation of this kind lowers peoples self-esteem enormously making them vulnerable to psychiatric stress such as suicide or anxiety. Some people can not cope psychologically with meaningless interviews, and some may have dementia setting in the over 50’s group, and some of these people may refuse to have anything to do with Centrelink or those employment agencies which in our research are useless. Hence watch out for your patients who are unemployed because they may be in a psychological stress mode and may be on the verge of ignoring their meaningless appointments and hence their welfare will be cut off. In our research, these are truly meaningless and pointless interviews and appointments, and for the over 45’s meaningless what are called employment pathway plans, and cost of travel (relative to income) to these waste of time appointments can cause much personal stress and even financial difficulty.

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If you wish to order the commercial edition of the CMPL please use the same payment method then email saying you are after the CMPL.

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