Graeme Heard
Expressionistic Portraits
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Inventing the new Classical Art

In the thirty years since he left the National Gallery School of Victoria, Graeme has consolidated the techniques and palettes of impressionism and expressionism to bring us a new realism that portrays the essential and elemental.
His powerful jewel-like images celebrate and reinterpret the magic of mythology, religion and theatre.
These deliberately tiny portraits personalise the classic underlay of our shared archetypes from Icarus and Shakespeare to Reagan, Bush and beyond.

"Graeme Heard paints the famous of this world in strong and striking colours which slash and dance across the canvas with such force they confuse the traditionalists."
Peter Russell-Clarke Herald Sun

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Catalogue of Works


1976 Avant Gallery Punt Rd.,
South Yarra
1977 Statewide Building Society Geelong. Victoria
1979 Studio Rapilo Eltham, Victoria
1986 Casey Gallery` Sydney, N.S.W.
1995 Balmoral Galleries Geelong. Victoria
1996 Peter Russell-Clarke's
Soho Galleries
Drysdale, Victoria
2001 Pako Festa Exhibition at The Barking Dog Geelong. Victoria
1967 National Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria
  Deakin University Gallery
  Philip Adams
  Prof Max Charlesworth
  Ian (Molly) Meldrum
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