BRIGHT WINDOW album reviews:

"Beauty and clarity... sensuous pop melodies" - Michael Smith, Drum Media

"the perfect example of how great songs are composed and performed... This artist effortlessly sings pure beauty into your heart" -

"Native Aussie Rachel Gaudry has a gorgeous voice - malleable and exotic... Rachel finds herself surrounded by a coterie of fine musicians concocting cinematic moments of avant-garde fervor on 'Screaming Alone' as well as a groove of optimism on the acoustic 'Sunny Wings' " - (London UK) James Close,

"As attractive as her voice is, it's the flow of Rachel Gaudry's songs that is immediately attractive. There are no visible joins in the construction to distract the listener from the dreamy combinations of words and music... Gaudry's voice is a cool breeze, rising in the country and blowing intimacy and intrigue through the lovingly crafted songs." - John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

"Rachel Gaudry has the intelligence of a Dar Williams or Tori Amos, her singing voice is angelic and uniquely hers, and her piano playing is well thought out. 'Moving On' has hit potential with a beautiful chorus... Rachel has been a favorite of mine since her debut release 'Leaving Traces', and her growth as a songwriter, singer, and musician continues here. Rachel Gaudry is poised on the doorstep of international success with 'Bright Window'. "A" rating" - Dennis Halsey,

"This album is so sweet and lovely. Gaudry picks up where the last album left off and that's a good thing. "Sunny Wings" opens the album with a nice laid-back vibe. The jazzy "Suppertime" hints at something darker. "Screaming Alone" is a standout. A bluesy, trip-hoppy gem that oozes melancholy. "Everywhere You Go" is like early Paula Cole. Gaudry's vocal is joyous and sincere. "Brand New Day" is a hopeful and strong song... Another fine album." - Ectophiles Guide

"Bright Window' presents such depth of clarity with profound loving expression, power and tenderness." - Rock Monroe, WHFC radio, Maryland USA

LEAVING TRACES album reviews:

"The debut offering from this Australian is brimming with melodic soft pop and a fine lyrical vocabulary. Sounding similar to a variety of female singer/songwriters, particularly Sheryl Crow circa 'The Globe Sessions' or the Beautiful South circa 'Blue Is the Color', Gaudry maintains a fine balance between music and lyrics, often becoming soulful without sounding forced or tired. 'Don't Push Me In' and 'Come Away' capture the essence of the album's style, from the touches of acoustic guitar and piano to the rewarding down-to-earth vocals void of high octave theatrics. The ten tunes seem to dance off the disc as effortlessly as Gaudry delivers them. A lyric in 'Sunshine in My Pocket' seems to sum up the album totally: "And I do love the music you play." The album should have many listeners saying the same thing"- Jason MacNeil, All Music Guide

"Crystal-voiced singer-songwriter... spinning poetic ballads with quirky choruses" - Rolling Stone

"The music she's making is the equal of any of the intelligent, articulate young women currently on the international landscape, from Sarah McLachlan to Heather Nova to Ani DiFranco… Rachel’s voice caresses her lyrics as evocatively as she plays piano.. It's all about building atmosphere without forgetting the space between, the silences that can be so telling, the momentary pause that cuts right to the heart... thats' songwriting and arranging of a very high order indeed, yet it's all done in a way that makes it seem effortless. Reflective, occasionally sad, rocky even, Rachel brings a lightness of touch to her songs that gives them an underlying sense of hope, of release, of blue skies..." - Michael Smith, Drum Media

"Rachel’s music belongs to the gently melodic, slightly arty end of pop music characterised by Canadian Sarah McLachlan… A voice that could well soar" - Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald

"There’s a personal touch in the lyrics. Her songs are real and heartfelt… refreshingly different to the usual commercial-radio fare.. appreciate Rachel’s talent: no doubt she will be leaving traces wherever she goes" - The Canberra Times

"Looking for an underexposed Aussie version of white-hot English singer Dido? Look no further than former classical pianist turned singer-songwriter Rachel Gaudry. The Sydney-sider possesses a clear, angelic voice and a swag of great folk/pop tunes. 4 out of 5 stars" - New Weekly

"Leaving Traces is disarmingly beautiful in its honesty and simplicity. Gaudry’s strength is her reflective writing style.. the slower tracks provide the best vehicle for her delightful voice… “Song For Matthew” and “When Fortune Has Gone Dry” stand out"- City Weekly

"a poetic singer-songwriter with a promising career ahead of her" - Performing Songwriter

"The many musical facets of this record will surely be heard far and wide on radio stations around the world very soon. Rachel is a vault of influence and experience and Leaving Traces as good a feel-good album as the come" – Sound Reviews

Live performance reviews:

"angelic grace and voice" - The Los Angeles Times

"Orbiting a tranquil, mood-laden, unhurried ensemble was the strikingly aural delicacy of Rachel Gaudry. A Rhodes organ gently pressed by Ms Gaudry, a bass releasing a bottomless soulful warmth, and the rhythmic waves of the drums solidified lingering folk/rock song formations. Slightly up-beat in tempo, ‘Loose Inside My Head’ released a sassy sway, whilst ‘Weightless Empty Spaces’ unleashed a solemn slither of organ undertones. It was the lucid ‘Come Away’ where Rachel’s piercing pitch reaches its sugary and rapturous sweep. This woman was born to sing" - Revolver

“...the whole audience completely under her spell” - Sounds From The Street

“ a voice to die for” - Utter