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A page exploring the various game systems, but mostly Ground Zero Games' products.


My Full Thrust Page

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Honor Harrington conversion to FT Fleet Book.
Star Wars conversion to FT Fleet Book
B5P:EFSB design rules for FT (out of date, using FT2)
PBeM Vector Movement Spreadsheet. 
OUDF Warships for use with the FTFB. 
Kra'Vak Invasion - Unofficial rules for FTFB KV.
Abstract Thrust - useful for campaign games.
Includes current & past webgames I have run.

My Stargrunt Page

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OU Lighthorse Regimental Command - My standard force.
OU SAS Orbat - Elite troopers, don't cross them. 
Dingo Heavy Power Armour - used by SAS assault platoons.
Power Armour Design System - originally by Steve Pugh. 
OU Infantry Walkers - Heavy support for orbital drops, including walker assault rules.

Blood & Thunder

my FMA(tm) Fantasy conversion 1996 (requires Stargrunt II).

Tuffleyverse FMA RPG

An FMA (tm) Roleplaying Rules system based in GZG Tuffleyverse.  Not currently available pending approval.

Miscellaneous other systems

Dawn Patrol

World War One fighter combat.

PBeM games

Game 2 crashed due to complexity.
Includes PBeM rules for Conquest 2001.

Chronicles of the Shattered Empires

Resources for a worldwide campaign. (Previously supported as Living Arcanis using D&D3.5)

Scenarios & characters for Lace & Steel II.
The best renaissance roleplaying game available.  L&S1 Written by Paul Kidd.

Latest Updates: 20 December 2010.
Still updating links & other data. If you can't find something, let me know.


Schlock Mercenary Link

- The popular Bridge Crew server based game.  Gleefully played at conventions in Australia for both it's gratuitous carnage and roleplaying aspects (link is down and no new site has been made available)

Conquest Gaming Convention Website

Indy's Full Thrust Page

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