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Straw not hay!

Leave the hay to the horses

and use cereal straw.

Straw bale construction has its roots in America (as far as I am aware), and the buildings have performed well over an extensive period of time. A combination of present day know - how (technology?) and old world charm has led to a new appraisal of this style of construction, and, in my opinion, offers a wonderful mix for virtually any dosmestic situation, and even small industrial buildings.

Straw bale design is suitable for the most humble of buildings to the rambling, multi - levelled mansion on a grand scale.

See me to discuss design, certification, construction and workshopping of straw bale buildings.Or just talk with me about the advantages of straw baling of walls and other efficient and renewable resource building methods.

Building with straw bales no longer falls within the misfit category of construction in Australia, and is now accepted by many Local Government Authorities.

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