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The experience of building in straw is a memorable one, and hopefully, a pleasurable one. Invite your friends over for a bale raising day, and watch your walls go up in a weekend! Finishing takes a bit longer, but what a buzz when results are so quick!

Which other material can you kick, punch, shape with a whipper snipper, tie up with string, and generally have a good time with. I've been known to swing from the rafters to deliver a really good kick to a stubborn bale, and it didn't even hurt me. Talk about user friendly!

With a well placed "nudge" you can shape each bale into a curve for free forming walls or fences, mould fireplaces, and build "built ins" like chairs and tables. During the building process the bales make excellent scaffolding,and when you're finished building, the scraps don't get thrown into a skip and wasted, you just mulch a garden bed with them.

What more could one ask for, really. Straw bale buildings have character, strength, solidity, longevity, and old world style, along with insulation value that is second to none.Straw bale buildings look and feel great! And you don't have to be superwo/man to stack straw bales. All you have to be is an individual - just like the building you create.

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