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Why build a house with Straw Bales?

Straw is a fully renewable resource, so let's bale it up, stack it, throw on a bit of render (earth? plaster? lime? or just plain cement!), cover it with a roof, and hey presto! there's a house!

Simple? Well not quite as simple as that, but it comes close.

Bales are light, quick to erect, and totally satisfying. The result is a happy, environmentally positive place to live, having the feel of earth and stone, but without the heaviness and the hard work! You choose the finish - contoured or flat, bright or soft, free form or straight. A highly verastile, distinctly individual, incredibly energy efficient, and very livable habitat.

Mould a chaise-lounge, carve out a niche, set in a special ornament, free-form a fence, or shape out a fire-place.

Think laterally and enjoy!

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