1 kg of good temper
2 kg of forbearance
1 kg of patience
1.5 kg of contentment
3 kg of unselfishness
1 kg of fun
2 kg of cheerfulness

Mix well with 2 litres of milk of human kindness.

Dose: 1 wine-glassful the first thing in the morning; to be repeated as soon as the effect wears off.

Venezuelans collect milk from a herd that never moves. The South American milk tree, Brosimum utile, belongs to the fig family and produces a sap which looks, tastes and is used just like cow's milk.

Flaxseed, a staple of the pre-industrial diet, may help prevent a scourge of modern man: prostrate cancer.
Three rounded tablespoons of the ground grain a day, combined with a low-fat diet, reduced expected tumour growth and lowered levels of hormones and other markers associated with a problem prostrate. Flaxseed is high in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which have been shown to protect against cancer.

speedy frothing; cream of tarter or a pinch of bicarbonate of soda has been recommended for the same purpose and will serve to keep the beaten eggs frothed for a period. Beating Eggs over the regulation twenty minutes is not a help to success.
Everylady's Journal, December 1929

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