Deep BASIC is an amateur 16bit DOS chess program written in Quick BASIC 4.5. The estimated strength of this program is around 1400 elo. This chess program was started in December 2002 and is my first attempt at a chess program. Deep BASIC was a learning experience on computer chess programming for me, so my approach was to keep things relativley simple and not make it too complicated. I thought it was more important to get it working than to get performance.

Deep BASIC info:
* 16 bit DOS program
* Written in Quick BASIC 4.5
* 10,500 move opening book database
* Supports under promotion and en passant
* Has FEN support for setting up positions
* Can take back moves
* Mouse support
* Uses minimax, alpha beta and quiescence search algorithims

Status: Almost complete. Just looking for bugs at the moment.

Screen shot of Deep BASIC

Download Deep BASIC - 578Kb (Updated 24 August 2003)

Version history

May 2003
- Released to the world.

August 2003
- Mouse and WAV support added.
- Added new command "beep". Toggle between WAV and simple "beep" sounds.
- Deep BASIC no longer exits after the game is over. This allowes users to take back moves.

Any questions, bugs to report or suggestions?
You can contact me on the following email address - Thomas McBurney