Game Analyser

This tool is used for easily finding interesting positions in computer chess games. You can also use it to quickly find where engines have blundered in a game. The tool works by extracting moves and scores from the winboard debug file and then using the scores generated by the chess engines to find interesting positions. The Game Analyser works like a PGN game viewer allowing you to scroll through the game and view the score and depth generated by the chess engines for each move.


Fast and simple searching. Just type in the name of the chess engine or player you are looking for and the search results will be displayed instantly.


Use the graph to easily find interesting features of the game. There are two graphs to choose from, the one shown below is the standard graph which shows positive and negative scores. The other graph plots absolute scores which is better for comparing scores generated by the chess engines directly against each other.


The report option allows you to create a text file containing a list of interesting positions for each game. The report will show the players, the position of interesting in FEN, which move was playing, score of that move and the score variation for that move.


Date: 10-17-2004    Move range: -1    Score >=  60    Options: Positive scores only
Move            Depth   Score  Variation    FEN

[Game "1"]
[White "BUTCHER VER 1.47 "]
[Black "DEEPPATZER_361"]
[Result "1-0"]

19. h4              9    1.42     0.61     2rr4/4kpp1/p2pbn2/qp2p1B1/4P3/2P4P/PP1Q1PB1/R3K2R w KQ
23. Qf3             9    2.08     0.94     2r4r/2q1kpp1/p2pbn2/1p2p1BP/4P3/P1P1Q3/1P3PB1/R3K2R w KQ
34. Rxd7            9    3.11    -0.69     5q1r/2kr1ppP/4b2R/pp2p3/4P3/P1P2Q1B/1P1R1P2/1K6 w 
36. Rxe5           10    4.00     0.86     5q1r/2kb1p1P/6p1/pp2p2R/4P3/P1P2Q1B/1P3P2/1K6 w 
41. Qe4            13    4.97     0.64     5q1r/7P/1k3pQ1/pp1P4/8/P1P4B/1P3P2/1K6 w 

[Game "2"]
[White "TERRA 3.3B11"]
[Black "BESTIA_090"]
[Result "1-0"]

8. Rb1             14    0.84     0.99     rnb1kb1r/p2ppppp/8/2pP4/1qB1n3/8/P2N1PPP/R1BQK1NR w KQkq
21. Rxf7           13    3.72     1.02     r4bkr/pR3bpp/B7/2p5/3p4/8/P5PP/2BNR1K1 w 
22. Bc4            12    4.49     0.77     r4b1r/p4kpp/B7/2p5/3p4/8/P5PP/2BNR1K1 w 

[Game "3"]
[White "KNIGHTX 1.84"]
[Black "SOS_4"]
[Result "0-1"]

34. ... g3         12    0.81     0.77     3rq1k1/1b6/pN2pn2/P1p1Nr2/2Qp1Ppp/1P6/2P3PP/R4RK1 b 
53. ... e3         18    3.78     0.95     5r2/8/p5k1/P1p3r1/3ppn2/1P4N1/2P4R/6RK b 
54. ... Nxe2       17    8.08     4.30     5r2/8/p5k1/P1p3r1/3p1n2/1P2p3/2P1N2R/6RK b 


For this tool to provide you with useful information it must first convert information contained in the winboard.debug file to a PGN file containing score and depth for each move generated by the chess engine. There is already a utility that exists that can do this for you. The utility is called lgdebpgn.exe and it was written by Lyapko George. Game Analyser uses the lgdebpgn.exe utility to convert winboard.debug files to PGN files. The Game Analyser has provided you with an easy to use interface for the lgdebpgn.exe utility to make life a little easier.


You can determine what is considered an interesting position by changing the settings in Game Analyser.

Move Range - This tells the Game Analyser which moves to compare scores with. A positive move range means that it will compare the score of the current move it is considering with a future move. A negative move range means it will compare the current move being considered with a move that previously happened.

Interesting Positions - If a score for a move increases or decreased by the amount entered here or by more, then Game Analyser will flag this move as interesting.

Ignore Position - If the absolute score for a move is above this number then it will not be considered as a posible interesting position. It's main purpose it to reduce the number of positions listed as interesting since the game has usually been determined before it has reached this score.

Compare opponents scores - Check this option if you want the white player scores to be compared directly with the black player scores and vice versa. Normally the Game Analyser only compares scores from the same chess engine.


Download Game Analyser v1.6- 1039KB (17th September 2009)

Download the LGDEBPGN.exe utility from Lyapko George's web site. Note: this program is required for converting winboard debug files into PGN files.

* The Game Analyser download comes with a sample PGN file from Guenther Simons RWBC.

Any questions, bugs to report or suggestions?
You can contact me on the following email address - Thomas McBurney